Changes Needed: Spurs

Spurs. They looked like the favorite for the NBA title during the regular season, they played lockdown defense, they played efficient offense and the veteran Spurs were looking at another good year at work. That was until they got embarrassed by the 8th seeded Grizzlies. As their team gets older and slower they need to start getting some young players around their team to start up another dynasty once their big 3 leaves. Improvements this summer are essential, so this is what they need.

The main reason they lost to the Grizzlies was because the Memphis big men killed them in the post with their speed, their quickness, their moves, and they’re aggressiveness. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol pounded them inside and succeeded because Tim Duncan is no longer the defensive anchor he once was. Let’s face it, as much as we like to think of Tim Duncan as an all-star and as a great power forward. He no longer is. He helps his team with leadership, screens, rebounds and effort but he can’t help them that much offensively or defensively. Tiago Splitter showed some potential but not enough to take the Spurs past the 1st round next year. Dejuan Blair has showed tons of potential and promise in his two years in the league but he is only a big 6’9. They need a 7 foot youngster to protect the paint and play in the low post. Then they need a consistent back up scorer, someone like James Harden. Richard Jefferson is old and more inconsistent than the British weather. He’ll score 15 points one game and 2 points the next. Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker aren’t going to be able to hold the scoring load for the whole team. They need a consistent 6th man.

Youth overall is a must for this team. They’re three best players are all in their 30’s. They need some youth in their starting lineup as well as they’re bench. I look forward to seeing them reconstruct their team with more youth and fresh talent. It will be sad to see the classic Spurs broken up but the team has had a good run I just think with all the talented up and coming teams, like the Thunder and Bulls, the Spurs won’t get very far come playoff time.

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