Changes Needed: Celtics

Boston embraced instant success when they brought the big three to Boston. They embraced instant failure against the Heat’s big three in the playoffs. There window is clearly closing, their big three are getting older, their edge is fading away and their toughness is disappearing. If they want to be contenders again then there are some changes that they may want to think about.

Age. It can kill a team but also carry a team. In the Celtics case it’s hurting them. The NBA is taking a turn in the young, athletic direction right now. The Thunder, the Heat, the Knicks, the Bulls. They’re all up and coming and will be contending for a championship almost every year from here on out. The Celtics are getting older, slower, and aren’t able to keep up with the younger teams like they did in 2008. Their Big 3 are all in their early to mid thirties. They need youth, maybe not for right now but for the future. Once the big three is gone the Celtics will have to be led by Big Baby Davis, Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. Those are really the only young players who have the talent to carry the Celtics once their legacy dies away. They need a backup point guard. Don’t call Carlos Arroyo a backup point guard because he’s not even that. He’s one of the players that would play if Doc Rivers cleared his bench. He was shipped out of Miami because he couldn’t play alongside the big three. He has a few good plays here and there but they need a really productive point guard. The Celtics almost lost the first two games of the first round series to the Knicks because their bench ran all over the Celtics bench.

Jeff Green looked like an up and coming all star in Oklahoma. He was scoring around 18 points grabbing around 6 rebounds. He was a great 6th man and was right at home in Oklahoma. Then on the trade deadline he was sent to Boston in exchange for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. That’s when his confidence and his energy dropped. Maybe it was the change of scenery. The Thunder are known as quite a soft team and he was traded to what was the edgiest team in the league. He’s missing easy jump shots, shaking on rebounds and sulking on the bench. Maybe Kevin Garnett should shout at him to get him in the game because he needs a jolt of energy. He’s going to be one of the leaders when the big three retire and he should start preparing.

4 thoughts on “Changes Needed: Celtics

    • I can see why you would think that but he is still growing. They need youth in the future, and he has tons of potential he just has to adjust to how the Celtics play. If you think about it he only played around 40 games with the Celtics including the playoff games. I’d give him time over the offseason to adapt to the team and next year I can foresee him playing with the same edge he possessed in Oklahoma.

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