The Finals

In July the BIG 3 were formed in Miami. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces with a mission to get themselves a title, the easy way. There were the celebrations, the interviews, the arrogant dancing around on stage. They all said that they were going to win many championships with this team.


No matter how much the NBA fans hated Lebron and the Heat, we all knew deep down inside that they would make it to the finals. I mean how couldn’t they. Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

It seems like a fantasy team on a video game.

Then there is the modest, and somewhat soft Dallas team. They’ve had an injury riddled season. They really hoped this season would be different than all of the

other early playoff exits. Losing in the first or second round had become a habit for this Mavs team, and frankly Dirk was sick of it. He has done too much in this league to go down without a ring. 2006 was supposed to be the year, but after D-Wade’s amazing playoff series, they were cut short.

This year seemed like the year for them. After a bit of a struggle in the first round of the playoff, they went on to sweep the Lakers with defense, and beat up on the Thunder with effort and hustle. Definitely things you’d like to see from a championship hungry team.

Will they be able to get past the Heat though?

It’s certainly going to be a heated series. With one of the most respected players in the league playing one of the most hated around the league, tempers seem like they’re going to flare. They have to, the immense ¬†pressure mounting on Lebron’s back must be too hard to handle. He has the whole country watching, either waiting for him to fail, or waiting for him to become one of the best players in history.

This series means a lot of things. If Miami wins, it will give Lebron a chance to become one of the greatest players to ever play. And silence the year long critics. Of course him winning, might start some out of control riots in Cleveland and other cities across America. But hey, that’s basketball.

For Dirk, this could be his last legit chance of winning a championship. His age is clearly not effecting his game in a negative way. In fact the best games of his career have been played throughout these playoffs. He’ll turn 33 next year, his team may break up. Younger teams are getting better and more respected. If Dirk were to win this ring, then his career could finally be complete. He has successfully changed the power forward position, won MVP, and carried his team to an NBA Championship. Never mind the same team he was drafted by.

The Finals this year are about much more than the game of basketball. For Dirk Nowitzki- one of the greatest players of his era- he could seal his legacy by winning the ring he rightfully deserves. For Lebron James- who’s still inking his elite status- a win could open the door to establishing him as possibly one of the greatest players of all time.

4 thoughts on “The Finals

  1. Man I hope Dallas wins. I was rooting hard for Chicago but they just crumbled. I think Dallas will take Miami. I’m pretty sure. Let us pray.

    • I respect your hopes, but Dallas will be gone in 6. Just like 2006. We all know Nowitzki will get his share of points. Chris Bosh will be the toughest guy for Nowitzki to face throughout the playoffs. He’s been up against Lamarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol. Pau isn’t quick enough, and Aldridge isn’t a good enough defender. Chris Bosh is a quick 6’11, he’s a tough defender and he will give Nowitzki a hard time, but he’ll still get his high 20’s. Lebron and D-Wade will go absolutely nuts against the Mavs. Shawn Marion can’t guard Lebron, Deshawn Stevenson sure can’t guard D-Wade. Look for them to run all over the Dallas perimeter D. I hope Dirk gets his ring, it’s his time, he deserves it. I’m just looking at how they match up and it doesn’t look too good.

      • Your analysis does seem convincing. But I think if Dallas can slow down the fast break and turn it into a half court game, they can prevail. This Dallas team plays D, unlike the 2006 team. I think Dirk is going to will his team to victory. Just a feeling. Should be a great series.

      • That’s true I hadn’t thought about that. But the Bulls play better defense then the Mavericks do and the Heat still got a rythm in the transition game. It should be a great series.

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