Finals: Game 3

Texas. Known for it’s persistent droughts, it’s southern accents and most of all it’s crazy fans.

It’s those fans who will seal this game for Dallas. We all know that the bench plays better when they are surrounded by a stadium of people right behind them. J.J Barea, Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic have yet to play their games in this series. Dallas will be praying that their fans can bring the benches esteem up and make them play Maverick basketball.

No matter what happens now, the series is 0-0. Nothing has happened before this game. Any feuds, mistakes, highs, lows made in the past two games are history. This game is the thing that counts. If Dallas wins this game then they send Miami back to the locker room down for another game in a row. They also carry more momentum for the next two games in Dallas. As well as getting the fans more involved for the rest of the series, which will be vital for their success.

If Miami wins this game then they’ve almost accomplished what they have to do. Win 2 out of 3 in Dallas. They know that to win this series they have to win at least 2 out of 3 in Dallas. Otherwise it’s byebye to the Larry O’Brian trophy.

How are they going to win though? Game 3, I call the step up game. It’s the game where the players who haven’t yet reached their full potential in this series will come out.

Take Chris Bosh for instance.

He had two 30 point games in the Chicago series. He scored 12 in game 2 of this series. This isn’t the time to back away. He is a vital part of this team. The most important part as well. With all the attention on Wade and Lebron in this game, he will have to be very aggressive and send a message to everybody saying,

” Hey, forget about me, I’m also an all-star.”

For Dallas it’s Jason Terry who I’m looking to step it up.

His whole Dallas career he has played his best games in Dallas. He gets in a groove, he rides off the crowd’s energy, his three point shooting touch starts working and the jet leaves the run-way, flies off onto a whole other level and doesn’t come down until the buzzer has sounded. Just look at this postseason. 9 three pointers in game 4 against L.A. 24 points in game 1 in the conference finals. 23 points in game 3 of the conference finals. 22 in game 1 against Portland, 20 in game 5 and 22 in game 6. Notice he scored 20 points in all of those games in Dallas.When he is feeling it, then he stretches the defence, making them have to rotate more, something the Heat don’t like doing.

Then in general, this is a redemption game for Miami. Many people including myself have been doubting Miami’s maturity and desire for the championship after their 7 minute meltdown in the 4th quarter of game 2. They stepped on the gas, went 100 miles an hour, then slowed down to 10 miles an hour and stayed like that for 7 minutes. While Dallas was on the verge of a speeding ticket in the last 7 minutes. They have to focus their minds on taking one game at a time, they have to grab this game from the beginning, take Dirk and the fans out of it and never let up.

For Dallas, they have to show that their 7 minutes of heaven last game wasn’t a goof. That it wasn’t just a veteran run, but that it was proof of desire and heart to win a finals game. They’re coming home with the energy, the momentum and the confidence. Miami will most likely start the game on their heels, the Mavs have to trip them up and show them that desire beats talent.

Game 3, see you in 2 hours.

2 thoughts on “Finals: Game 3

  1. JET (Jason Terry) needs to step it up all right. It’s been the Miami Heat vs. the Dallas Dirks. Dirk has been amazing this postseason, but absolutely no help has been given to him in the Finals. That has to change if Dallas wants to have any shot in this series.

    • One man can take his team to the finals like Lebron James in 2007, but one man can not win an NBA championship like Lebron in 2007. Even Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen stepping up. Dirk needs his sidekick to step it up and give Miami that one-two punch.

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