Finals: Game 3 Notes

Dwyane Wade just found his purpose on this planet. It’s to destroy the Mavericks.

His performance in this series has been MVP like. 29 in game 1, 36 in game 2, 29 in game 3. He has dominated every defense that the Mavericks have thrown at him. It doesn’t matter, his purpose is to destroy the Mavericks and win 5 rings. He’s on his way with both. At the rate he’s at, at least.

It’s performances like that, that show a true leader. After the game 2 meltdown. Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem conducted a talk amongst the players for an extra hour then usual. It must have been during that hour where Dwyane decided he had to get the ball more often. Lebron got most of the touches in the 4th quarters.

He’s the one on the finals posters, he’s the one who is supposed to be one of the greatest of all time but it’s Wade who has shown his true talent and leadership this series.

In game 3, Dwyane came out attacking. He wasn’t settling for poor jump-shots like game 2. He attacked the paint like a mad man. Dunking, penetrating, taking people off the dribble. As soon as the game began, we could all tell this was a different D-Wade. A more focused, aggressive, determined player then the 2 previous games.

Besides D-Wade there was another member of the big three that stepped up when it really counted. No it wasn’t Lebron James.

I said before that this game was going to be the game for Chris Bosh to step up. He did. Throughout the game he was playing soft. He was pump faking instead of popping a jumper. He was playing nervous. Maybe it was the roudy, proud and loud Dallas fans or just the pressure of being the third biggest piece to a finals team. Something he’s never had to deal with.

It was 86, 86 there were about 45 seconds on the clock when Bosh took the biggest shot of his career. He was wide open on the baseline. He took the jumper, followed through and watched the shot fall through and give Miami the crucial lead, and the eventual victory. That was the shot that silenced the critics. Screw being soft, screw shying away from the spotlight, screw not producing. Chris Bosh is a ligit all-star, he didn’t get asked to play with Lebron and Wade because he was an inconsistent softy. He stepped up and that helped the Heat immensely.

The Heat did what they were supposed to do. They played lockdown defense, got their bench and stars to produce and won game 3. The most important game of the series so far.

The Mavericks deserve some serious credit. They played their best basketball of the season. Dirk scored 34. They held Miami under 90. They held Lebron to 20 points.

Then there is somethings they didn’t do too well. Handling D-Wade. There is something about D-Wade’s presence that makes the Mavs play scared defense. The perimeter defense play on their heels, and when he is intruding their paint they just put their arms up weakly and hope for a miss. No real defense is played on him. They need to do a better job of guarding him. Maybe double him as soon as he gets the ball instead of Lebron. Lebron gets mild numbers, and isn’t a dangerous threat like Wade has been this series.

Then the Mavericks have to take care of the turnovers. That’s what started up Wade’s momentum. It was open floor monster dunks that he got because of careless turnovers that the Mavericks have to pay more attention to.

Then the biggest thing. The Mavericks lack of offensive production.Dirk had 34 but the other starters had like 9 made shots. That’s not enough to win the NBA finals. They’re playing against the most offensively talented team in the NBA, and if they can’t even produce more then 60 points from starters only then why even keep playing. It’s not just the starters it’s the bench as well.

They still haven’t realized where they are and what they’re playing for. The NBA finals, the biggest stage in basketball. They have to produce some points. It doesn’t have to be monster production, but c’mon, score the ball. That’s how you win the game, by getting the ball in the net. That’s what they have to do to win this series.


4 thoughts on “Finals: Game 3 Notes

  1. I believe this series is showing that you cannot win an NBA championship with only 1 ‘superstar’- anymore. Dallas does not have enough options on the offensive end to protect Dirk. Dirk has been lights out this entire postseason, but he has run into a talented defensive team that has had time to figure out how to shut him down. Without a ‘legitimate’ scoring threat on the court, the bench will have to be lights out in order for Dallas to have a shot in this series going forward. If they don’t make shots, they will not keep the Miami defense honest, and they will continue to shut down Dirk.

    On the defensive end, each team is playing phenomenally. For Dallas to keep Miami to the total points that they have, it is a testimonial to how good they are defensively, but also shows how much they are lacking on the defensive end. To beat a good defensive team, you need more than one superstar to spread the defense and keep them honest.

    PS I really enjoy your posts since I first found your site a few weeks ago and I wish I could respond more but I am recovering from a broken hand. KEEP UP THE ANALYSIS!!!

    • I also believe that the direction that the NBA is going in is no home for 1 superstar teams. With all the players teaming up, and taking the easy route to glory, Dirk although he deserves it, won’t win a ring. The defense played in this series has been unbelievable. For NBA purists like me, I am delighted to see some lockdown defense for a series. The NBA has been so run and gun that it’s not often we see defense like this.

      Thanks a lot!!! I hope your hand heals soon.

  2. Another great analysis piece Max. I agree with Can “Da” Man, your analysis is the best part of this blog. Keep it up. Dwyane Wade came into Game 3 as a man on a mission. He accomplished that mission thanks to great play, great leadership, and did everything he needed to- and more- to win the game.

  3. Dwyane Wade has showed the basketball world that he is definitely still the man in charge in Miami. Lebron has faded away from the spotlight, as Dwyane has flourished in it, this series. I look for him to attack aggressively for the rest of the series and take Miami to a ring.

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