Ring Disrespect

We all know what kind of person Mark Cuban is. He’s a loud mouthed, cocky, and controversial owner. For the whole playoffs, we all watched in awe to see Mark Cuban say not more then about 10 words a night. Not even shouting to the refs. Just a pep talk for his players. What could he have been doing just sitting there in the NBA finals saying nothing. How can you not say anything, this is the moment he has waited for, for about 10 years.

Then when the buzzer sounded in game 6, he told Chris Webber what his plan was. The plan that kept him from speaking. No rings. He said they’re too old fashioned and i want a special Mark Cuban ring. This caused some hard feelings among the players.

Especially when he says old fashioned to a team full of veteran talent.  Jason Kidd remarked, ” I am old fashioned.”

Who to agree with, that’s the question. Is it cool to invent new rings, or make it a necklace or something. Or should we keep tradition the same.

In my mind tradition should be kept the same. Especially when one of the most loud-mouthed people in the NBA wants to change a tradition that has lasted longer then he has been alive. I would be seriously disrespected if I was the players.

I’ll tell you why. First off, he goes on TV without even telling his players what he was thinking and blurts out he wants a new type of ring. As an owner of a basketball team, it’s your job to make the right decisions and connect the team. By going on TV with a new idea without consulting his team shows not independence but neglect towards the team.

Then there’s the tradition aspect of it all. Think of Dirk Nowitzki for a second. This man came from Germany when he was 19-20 years old. For 13 years in the NBA he has dreamed of a ring, he has dreamed of holding the trophy up high. And for 12 years before his time he has seen players like Kobe, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Richard Hamilton, Shaquille Oneal, all players that came to the NBA about the same time as him. They all have rings. I think to change a ring it’s just not the same. People always say get that ring, when talking about a championship. Now to take it away from the players who have worked their asses off for 103 games is just like taking dreams away.

Take Jason Kidd for example. Growing up in the NBA he saw all these rings being flashed around, and he got jealous. He tried twice to win the NBA finals but fell short both times. There is more meaning in a ring. He is 38 years old and he is not looking to wear some big gold bling bling around his neck showing everyone who the champions are. He wants a ring. The whole Mavericks want a ring.

If I were Cuban I would apologise for starting turmoil when they should be celebrating over their championship.

9 thoughts on “Ring Disrespect

  1. Maybe there is a reason for Cuban’s new found calm.

    There are strong rumors making the rounds in Heat blogs that the Mavs used potentially illegal performance enhancement techniques and power drinks that was offered to them much before the finals began.

    Here is the direct offer that was made to Cuban and Shawn Marion.. http://merkaba.org/audio/aids.html#serena

    • Ya man, I looked at this website.
      Appears to be one of these natural health groups.
      Anyway they seem interested in having people test their drink ….so they’re probably not your average backstreet quacks …..
      Isn’t there something like a Sports Medicine Testing authority ?’
      Cause if this stuff works and is healthy then a lot of sportspersons … professionals and amateurs alike… could improve their game.
      Maybe the HEAT could take the lead on this … for a change.

      • It could be true, games could really be improved a lot if they work but I believe in pure talent, hard work and skill. If something like a substance is changing your game I don’t give the credit to the player but the substance.

    • He may do what is rite for the players but he it doesn’t happen easily. It takes some time for him to get it right, I’m not dissing him, he’s attracted a lot of attention to the NBA and is fun to watch but c’mon, why mess with the players celebratory time.

  2. This is just another stupid move after a smart postseason where Mark Cuban didn’t open his mouth for a change. Look where it got him. Why mess with tradition? What is he doing? Don’t create a storyline other than the one that really matters: the fact that the Mavs are NBA Champions.

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