Donnie Walsh’ Last Pick Not An Obvious Choice But Not The Wrong One

The Knicks have a history of making bad draft picks. Every New York Knick fan tonight knew that they might not get the player they wanted. As soon as David Stern read his punch line if you will.

” With the 17th pick of the 2011 draft, the New York Knicks select….” I closed my eyes and prayed for Chris Singleton or Keneth Faried.

” Iman Shumpert”

I sighed with disappointment. The Knicks were at it again, taking a prospect that nobody has heard of. The crowd started to boo, and I just shook my head. Maybe this was Donnie Walsh getting back at the Knicks for not resigning him? No, he loves the Knicks. So then I thought maybe Iman Shumpert was the right player to pick. Let’s take a look.

The Knicks biggest areas that need help are on defense, and they need a big guy in the middle, I didn’t think we really needed shooters. Toney Douglas showed that he was one of the best three point shooters in the NBA, Landry Fields is a consistent three point shooter, Shawne Williams led the league at one point with the highest 3 point %. I think what we really needed to look for was defense and a big man who is persistent on the boards. I thought that Chris Singleton was the right pick. He could back up Carmelo and was 6’8 with extremely long arms, he was also said to be the most versatile and talented defender in the draft. But we pass on him. I also thought maybe Keneth Faried could be a choice. He was the best rebounder in college basketball with 14.5 rebounds a game. He was what we needed but he is only 6’8, my thinking is that he won’t be able to grab as many rebounds against the taller and more athletic big men in the NBA. Then I took a look at Kawhi Leonard a 6’7 small forward. He averaged 10 rebounds and 15 points. A 10 and 15 guy for someone who plays the three is very rare in a player. I thought he was a very promising player, but didn’t think he would be as effective on the boards in the NBA plus his offensive game is very limited.Then I took a look at Iman Shumpert. A guy that was projected as an early 2nd round type of guy.

The Knicks always surprise on draft night though.

The 6’5 guard averaged 2.7 steals in College, he is a shooting guard which is a position that was a bit inconsistent offensively with Landry Fields starting at that position. He’s one of the best perimeter defenders in the draft and now the shooting guard position on the Knicks roster is filled with a sophomore and a rookie who both pride themselves in defense. Not only did Iman Shumpert average 2.7 steals but averaged 17 points at the same time. He can score the basketball, he may not have the most consistent jump shot, but he gets to the rim very well with his speed. He is also a solid rebounder for his size and position averaging 6 rebounds in college. Plus he can play the point guard position, he is a combo guard at preference. He is in my opinion the most all rounded player out of  Kawhi Leonard, Chris Singleton and Kenneth Faried. Since Chauncey Billups turns 35 next year he may be a good guy to start filling his shoes.

Donnie Walsh has been booed before about his draft selections. Reggie Miller was even booed when Donnie Walsh picked him 1st for Indiana. Donnie Walsh may not have followed the mock predictions but he made the right choice for the team that he has invested most of his career to.

2 thoughts on “Donnie Walsh’ Last Pick Not An Obvious Choice But Not The Wrong One

  1. I have to disagree with you. Kenneth Faried is an absolute MONSTER. He’s much better offensively and not a slacker on defense. Also, the Knicks passed up on arguably the best defensive player in the draft: Chris Singleton.

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