What Happened to the NBA?

Here we are, 90 days into the lockout.
Each day has begun with a sense of hope of optimism and ended with disappoinment. Now we hear that David Stern is saying that the fate of the NBA season is depending on this weekend’s talks. I am no longer disappointed with the NBA but irritated with the players and owners’ union.

The lockout in simplest terms is due to greed. The players want more money, the owners want to pay the players less.

Don’t we always hear players talk about playing basketball because they have a passion for the game, they have a competitive drive, they have love for the sport. How are we supposed to believe that when they would rather make more money then do the thing they love.

I’m 100% correct in saying that every single NBA player is a millionaire. I just can’t grasp the fact that money is what is holding the NBA season up. If Derek Fisher (the president of the players union) is making 4 million dollars a year, does one or two million a year more really make a difference. 12 NBA owners rank among the 400 wealthiest Americans. Yet, owners want more money. The owners and players are making more money in a year then average families would make in a lifetime. Everybody is just too caught up with money, fast cars and the Hollywood lifestyle that they all seem to have forgotten why they started loving basketball in the first place. Kids like myself look up to players because they’re supposed to be our role models. They play the best sport in the world and through years of hard work and commitment, they have become the best at what they do. But I have lost a little respect for those involved in the players and owners union due to the fact that we’re still praying for a deal.

What ever happened to the good old days where NBA players and owners genuinely enjoyed being apart of the NBA – the place where “amazing happens”. Well right now the NBA is the place where disapointing happens.

5 thoughts on “What Happened to the NBA?

  1. The NBA was like this before Bird and Magic. The NBA was looked upon as cocky players fighting every game, until Larry and Magic stepped up out of college. There will be two more players to revive the NBA, it will never fall, it will always be revived by new players.

  2. offer yourselves to the Glory of God, then NBA will never be the same again!!!you will focus on giving joy and happiness for all NBA fans!!, owners, players alike!!!

  3. I understand about not wanting to work for less money than you used to make but at some point it gets ridiculous. Not playing hurts more than just not being able to watch a game. Its arrogance to the people fighting oversees or to those trying to revive our economy by opening small businesses with NBA themes, etc… However I doubt that ever single player is to blame. Im sure there are some decent people in there, they just aren’t the majority.

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