The Process

The excitement of the new NBA season is overwhelming and provides an energy that has been lacking around the basketball community for months. It did come as a surprise to most – the lockout ending. It was only two weeks ago when the NBPA decided to sue the owners.

After that incident, the optimism from weeks prior was put aside. Heads went down and everything seemed to go downhill. The season seemed like a long shot and everybody was getting used to a basketball free world. Only today did we receive a statement saying that both sides have reached a tentative agreement.

This week both sides met on Friday in secret for 15 hours trying to compromise and conclude with a deal. 15 hours of discussion and debate payed off when they believe they found gold with this deal. Of course both sides still have to ratify this deal. 15 of the 29 owners need to approve for this deal to go through. There is still more to do but for now the NBA is very much revived.

Training camps and Free Agency are set to begin on December 9th with the almighty tip off starting on Christmas Day. The sides that we all called greedy and selfish have put their differences aside and have reached a deal. And no matter how much they put us (the fans) through, we are grateful to have the NBA back in our lives.

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