Saying Goodbye To A Star

Unfortunately, Brandon Roy is set to retire after a history of knee issues that has kept him from full ability. It’s terribly sad to see  such a player go to soon. He was a one of a kind player. He was versatile, and clutch and if was fully healthy could be the third best shooting guard in the NBA. I think Dwayne Wade said it best, via twitter. 

It was true, he left the game too soon. As a farewell to Brandon Roy let’s take a look on his eventful career.

The most recent of his amazing performances happened during the playoffs last season. I bet everyone remembers. The TrailBlazers were down by 23 points with 12 minutes 40 seconds left in the game. Brandon Roy came off the bench, not only scored 18 points in the 4th quarter but won them the game. Showing every NBA fan that he could still perform as the star he used to be. Take a look…

Let’s go back in time some more and take a look at November 6, 2008. I’ll set the scene. The Portland crowd is eccentric, fans are wild. The Blazers are down 2 points with 10 seconds left. The Blazers look for one man to step up and win them the game, and that person is Brandon Roy. Not only did he make 1 buzzer beater but 2 buzzer beaters. He banished the 2nd year curse and showed everybody that he was a rising star destined for great things. This is true greatness. Take a look….

Let’s rewind some more. It’s December 18, 2008. The Blazers are playing a regular season game in Phoenix. Nothing is riding on this game, it’s just a conference game in the beginning of the season. Except this is no regular game for Brandon Roy. He eventually goes on to put up a career high of 52 points. Take a look…

These moments of his career just make it sadder for us to let go of such a great player who never reached his full potential. Like Dwyane Wade said, “the game will miss Brandon Roy as much as he will miss the game.”



One thought on “Saying Goodbye To A Star

  1. Great post full of many videos. It’s really sad we never got to see Brandon Roy become a top-10 NBA player, like I thought he’d be. I wrote briefly about it on my fantasy sports blog (, but Dwyane Wade did say it best. Also, when watching that buzzer beater(s) video, I thought it was pretty sad that Yao also is retired and left the games due to injuries. Sad things happen in sports sometimes.

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