Mavericks Need to Rebuild

The Mavericks don’t realize how big an impact the loss of J.J Barea, Tyson Chandler and Caron Butler is to their team. While watching their game against Denver, one thing jumped out at me. The Mavericks are soft again. Tyson Chandler changed the culture of the Mavs last year. Notice the word changed. Meaning before him they were soft, and didn’t impose any intimidation or toughness. They’ve gone back to their ways.

Right now the Mavericks have no chance at winning the championship again this year. With the loss of Marion on opening day, their chances went down even more. Losing him in the starting lineup leaves only Jason Terry on the bench. Their defense is noticeably sluggish, without Chandler commanding the paint. And they’ve had long scoring droughts throughout both of their games. Dirk can’t do it all, and all of their secondary scorers aren’t young or athletic.  I’m not saying this to be harsh, but they’re game is a huge downgrade from last season. Losing to the Heat and the Nuggets is not a terrible thing, they are very good teams. However, they weren’t just beat. They were thrashed. The Mavericks lost by 22 points to Denver and 9 by the Heat. The Mavericks were down by 26 to the Heat at one point.

Both the Heat and the Nuggets are stacked with young talent. Look Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Danilo Gallinari, Ty Lawson. Both teams love to run and gun. They are all athletic and quick, that’s what is killing the Mavericks. They don’t have a quick young center anymore, they don’t have a J.J Barea to come off the bench and provide energy, they don’t have a young Caron Butler to put up points or a Deshawn Stevenson to knock down some threes. Most of their players are easy to guard, nobody will explode to the rim.

It may finally be time to rebuild for the Mavericks. They had four young players that they could’ve used for the future that they let go in the offseason. That could’ve been the foundation for the future, however now they’re team is mostly veterans. Everyone said they were too old last year but now I think they actually are. This is clear, and their two games are proof. Especially with this condensed season, the back to backs may tire out the Mavericks more so then other teams.

Mark Cuban is stubborn but he may have to face the facts. The Mavericks reign is over.

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