Heat Better Without Wade?

This question has been in the midst of c0nversations throughout Dwyane Wade’s injury. Are the Heat better without Wade? Well, let’s look stats before we analyze the circumstances.

With Wade they were 5-4. However, they could’ve been 3-6 had it not been for Dwyane’s game winners against Charlotte and Minnesota. Without Wade they are 5-1. In the past 2 seasons, Lebron James has scored 25 points a game per 40 minutes without Wade on the floor. Chris Bosh has scored almost 20 a game. Without Wade, Lebron has scored 35 points per game and Bosh has scored almost 25 per game. Everyone seems to be making a huge deal over these stats. And excuse me for sounding like a father having the “talk” with his son but it’s to be expected. It’s perfectly normal. When one superstar is off the court the others will step up and carry the load. That doesn’t make them better or worse as a team. But better individually. For example, whenever Melo is injured Amar’e performs better. Last year in the playoffs Amar’e left game 2 with a back injury. Melo dropped 42 points. So it’s a normal thing.

Another thing we have to take into consideration is that a team with 3 superstars are still dealing with chemistry issues and when there are three hot shots on the same floor it’s often that one will take over and the others will take the backseat. When there are 2, well we all know there are two seats in the front of the car. Maybe when there are just two of them on the floor there is more room to operate, more room for them to get their own jobs done.

The other thing we have to consider is that without Wade they would be 3-6, and without Wade the finals last year could’ve been a blowout. Let’s flashback to the 2011 NBA Finals. The Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks. Game 2: D-Wade 36 Points. Lebron and Chris Bosh combined: 32 points. Game 3: D-Wade 29 points. Lebron 18, Bosh 17. Game 4: D-Wade 32 points. Chris Bosh and Lebron combined for 32 Points. So yes, maybe during the regular season where every game isn’t pivotal to a chance at a championship maybe the Heat will succeed better without Wade. And it’s not even Wade specifically who is the one. If any one of the Big three was injured the Heat would perform better. When playoff time comes around, and finals time comes around. You’re gonna regret ever wondering if the Heat were better without Wade.

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