In a City of Stars, Jeremy Lin is the brightest

Who would’ve thought that when New York brought Melo, Amar’e and Tyson Chandler together, Jeremy Lin would be the final piece to the puzzle.

The whole season has been a disappointment for the New York Knicks. In Pre-Season, there was more hype surrounding New York basketball since Patrick Ewing was in the building. Not only did they have their two superstars, but now the Knicks brought in what they thought would be a final piece to a puzzle in Tyson Chandler. However, this season has proved that the puzzle is missing many pieces. Especially Baron Davis who is living this season on the sideline with a bulging disk.

To be honest I thought all was lost. I was beginning to think it was time to rebuild the team and cross our fingers for next year. Who could’ve blamed me, I mean before Saturday the Knicks were 8-15 and held the 10th spot in the East. Nobody, I repeat nobody would’ve guessed the missing piece was sitting all the way down the New York Bench.

New York’s love for Jeremy Lin all began on Saturday night with 8:17 left in the 3rd quarter against the New Jersey Nets. The Knicks had came back from a 10 point deficit but were still having another disappointing game that all of us have unfortunately grown accustomed to. So of course in times of despair, boos from the crowd and D’antoni’s seat slowly catching fire with more heat you go to your last resort. So that’s what they did.

I just started tuning into the game when Lin was subbed in. From an impartial standpoint when I see Jeremy Lin checking in, I know somethings now going well. But for the next two quarters of the game I sat with my mouth wide open as Jeremy Lin lit up Deron Williams and the Nets’ zone with 25 Points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but I couldn’t help but wonder what if this is the guy New York has been looking for.

New York isn’t a city with much patience and has a media that certainly isn’t scared to jump to conclusions. So they publish articles like Jeremy Lin is the King. Or Jeremy Lin will bring the Knicks back. I wasn’t so sure. Then I watched last night’s game against Utah where he made his first career start. Once again I sat with my mouth wide open and watched Jeremy Lin drop 28 points and dish 8 assists.

Now I believe it, New York has found themselves a true point guard. Something they have been looking for all year. Mike Bibby is too old, Shump prefers the 2, Baron is injured, Douglas is inconsistent and then comes Jeremy Lin. An eager young player from Harvard, he can score and can find the open man. I see this as the beginning for the team. They can only evolve from here. It seems that when Lin is on the floor it energizes the whole team. In the past two games Jared Jeffries has taken a combined 8 charges. They have won both games. They have held their opponents to an average of 90 points. The thing that is most pleasing for knicks fans is that he is getting everybody involved. In last nights game 5 knicks players were in double digits in the scoring department. They need a distributor and Jeremy is just the guy. What most stands out about Jeremy Lin is that he was a bench warmer until Saturday but he doesn’t seem to be scared to take the last shot or have the team depend on him. In the New Jersey game he had 10 points in the 4th quarter. In last nights game he had 11 in the 4th quarter. Even with Amar’e and Melo out of the picture, Lin still took it upon himself to get the job done.

So yeah, I think i’ll let myself indulge in the Lin-Mania. I’ll also make a bold statement and say that New York doesn’t have to rush Baron Davis’ return because on the other-side of their bench is the key piece to the puzzle.

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