Weekly Roundup

Based on the sheer excitement of these past weeks in the NBA, I thought i’d roundup three topics that have been swirling around my mind.

First, let’s go over the Rondo for Gasol trade rumours.

I think both of these teams definitely need some change to their roster for their teams to contend this year and for years to come. Both teams have old rosters, especially Boston whose stars are slowly declining. For the Lakers I think this trade is amazing. Derrick Fisher isn’t the player he used to be and he can’t keep up with any of the younger guards in the league. He also can’t produce as much anymore. Getting a 25 year old point guard who is one of the best passers in the league would be a perfect fit for the Lakers. They would get a guy to guard the quicker point guards in the league. They would get a pass first guy on a team that has a habit of standing around and watching Kobe do all the work. He could move the ball and help get Bynum more involved. For the Celtics I don’t like this trade as much. The Celtics Big three are all in their mid thirties and if their play doesn’t start to decline, they will surely retire in the next few years. Rondo is the future of the Celtics and in a league where the Point Guard is royalty Rondo is a great choice. He is also 25. Pau Gasol is 31 years old and for a team looking for a new franchise player you don’t want to rebuild with a 31 at the helm. The Celtics are in the beginning of the rebuilding process and I don’t understand why they would give up Rondo a top 5 point guard for a 31 year old inconsistent big man. Also, you figure Garnett isn’t going to retire for another 2 years at the least and no team is going to be begging for his services if they were thinking of a trade. So, why stack your team with two PF who aren’t going to come off the bench. I like it for L.A but Boston should realize that sometimes the key to success is right in front of you, you just have to realize it.

Second, All star reserves snubs.

Well every year there are snubs, every year there are those who don’t deserve the spot. And I’m here to call them out. For the East reserves Danny Granger, Josh Smith, Rajon Rondo were among the snubs for the East. I’m wondering if they were snubs or just if the depth in the East is increasing every year. Looking out at the reserves for the East I don’t see too many guys that shouldn’t be there. Hibbert may be a bit of a long shot. He’s only averaging 14 points and 10 rebounds a game. Nothing too special. However, in the West I was really shocked at the selections. It seems like the choices were made to honour the past and not respect the present. Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, were selected for the game. Dirk is coming off one of the best playoff runs ever, but this year he’s doing nothing special. Only averaging 18 points and 6 rebounds. Steve Nash is also putting up mediocre numbers, with 15 points and 10 assists on a team that is going nowhere. The most noticeable snubs from this team are Kyle Lowry, Monta Ellis and Rudy Gay. Kyle Lowry is putting up career numbers this year with 15 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. A very well rounded game that has kept the Rockets just above mediocrity with a record of 16-11. Monta Ellis is having another great year. Averaging 22 points and 6 assists, most memorably his 48 point game against OKC just a few days ago. And then there is Rudy Gay who is the most interesting of the snubs. He is averaging the same numbers as Dirk Nowitzki with 18 and 6. However, he was kept of the roster when Dirk was included. The difference between Gay and Nowitzki is that the Mavericks are 15-11 and the Grizzlies are 13-13 without their biggest inside scoring threat. I would exchange the two in a second.

3. Will Linsanity last?

Everybody still has doubts about Jeremy Lin the Harvard grad who went from benchwarmer to an instant phenomenon. And they would have valid doubts. He is clearly a great player, he is clearly mentally tough and he is clearly a great fit with a stagnant offense in New York. However, he hasn’t exactly had the best competition to compare himself to in his three games. The Knicks have played the Wizards, Nets and Jazz. Not exactly three of the most dangerous teams in the  NBA. But we still can’t take that away from Lin, who is averaging 26 and 8 in games where he plays 20 minutes or more. We’ll really get a taste of his true talent when the Knicks matchup against L.A tonight in New York. I believe in Lin, I think he is a great true point guard and is a perfect fit for a struggling New York Team. I’m not taking anything away from him but I don’t want to jump to conclusions either. From right now though, Jeremy Lin is the guy and if he continues to play like he has the Knicks should be on the right track.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

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  2. How is Nash putting up “mediocre numbers” when he is leading the entire league in assists, third in FG% and posting the second best PER of his career? It would have been a crime to keep him off the All-Star team.

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