Excuses Running Low for D’antoni

New York anticipated a big season this year, with all their big signings, their good looking rookies and their two superstars. New York being New York expected HUGE things from their team straight out of the gate, which isn’t unreasonable considering the personnel on the team. And when the team began in 10th place in the East everyone looked down the bench at the coach. They look and wonder what the hell is he doing. He has all the pieces, now put them together.

Then as the fire on D’antoni’s seat slowly rised we got this little Harvard Grad who lit up the NBA for two straight weeks. Putting an end to the hot seat. A relief to D’antoni who knows he had nothing to do with Lin’s emergence as a key player on the team. He thought he was okay for the moment, he thought everyone had forgot about his job security.

It was cute in the beginning, the little Linsanity. I mean beating useless teams like New Jersey, Minnesota, Toronto, Sacramento and Utah. They had some big wins against L.A, Dallas, and Atlanta without two stars. But then the schedule turned around and guess what happened.  Linsanity starts to cool down, the knicks blow 3 in a row to playoff caliber teams, all to former champions. As the Linsanity begins to cool down, as the team begins to blow leads like to Boston, and then dig holes like to the Spurs and Mavs you begin to wonder who to blame now. I don’t know how to blame the players, they’ve been playing great. Which leads me to believe D’antoni has to be the one to answer the questions now.


He has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, no excuses to make. If you look at the Knicks’ roster you’ll realize they have all the pieces to be a championship team. They have two superstars, a top defensive center, a budding star at the point, two solid rookies off the bench, an intangibles guy at the 2. Then you look to the bench, where you have two guys who can put up 20 every night in Baron Davis and J.R Smith. There’s Steve Novak who is arguably the best 3 point shooter in the league. You have Jared Jeffries one of the best dirty work players in the league. That’s a solid 11 man rotation full of talent and pieces that should win a championship on paper. Or at least compete for one.

The Knicks aren’t even competing for a championship as of now. They’re not even in the running. They’re 8th in the East and don’t seem to be making a fight for 7th right now as the Celtics are on a 5 game winning streak and the Knicks on a 3 game losing streak.

What else does D’Antoni need? He has all the pieces, this is arguably the best team he has coached. What else does he want from a team? He certainly can’t ask for too much patience anymore because this is getting exhausting.  It doesn’t make sense. Here’s a tip for D’antoni. Play the second unit one game as starters one game. Right now their playing better defense by far then the first unit. The first unit are a scoring unit. Get some stops, then bring in the stars to blow open the game. Maybe even teach the whole team to play defense. I mean giving up an average of 109 points in three games is disgusting.  Even in one went to overtime.

There’s nowhere to hide for D’antoni. Especially under the bright lights of Broadway. He’s gotta do something to turn this team around soon or he’ll be out of here before he can say Linsanity.

2 thoughts on “Excuses Running Low for D’antoni

  1. i agree man. Knicks are off to a bad start losing to the Celtics, Mavericks, and Spurs. Let’s see if they can win the next 2 games. Knicks have to continue to move the ball to win like when Lin was playing w/o melo and Amare

  2. I think you’re right, but I hope you’re wrong. 🙂 I would love to see Knicks compete (and succeed) against top teams and former championship teams. Like you said I think they have all they need for it. And team chemistry isn’t looking that bad either…so even i like(d) D’antoni, I’m too left with no choices but him to blame.

    This is just a speculation and I’m happy to be proven wrong, but to me it seems like Lin haven’t been as aggressive going to the hoop and getting those fouls and scoops as he was pre-Carmelo. Koby was worried that the pressure on Carmelo to come back and ruin Knicks party would make him change his playing style. I think Carmelo still plays the same, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    I think Lin likes to play pick’n’roll with A’mare and Tyson. I think he likes to make those lob passes to Iman and J.R for the alley oop and for anyone for that matter. I think he loves to serve Steve behind 3p-line. And obviously likes to play with Landry, Bill Walker and Jared. But sometimes I’m not so sure if the pressure to get open looks and serving the ball to three superstar caliber players and others like Novak is getting the best of him.
    I love Lin! I love him when his aggressive and creating for others and HIMSELF too. Because if you remember, all those open looks for Tyson underneath the rim (when Stat and Melo were out of roster) came from Lin penetrating to the basket. I liked it. It created some easy basket, sometimes for Lin sometimes for others.

    I think with Davis and Lin duo in the backcourt does good job moving the ball in the offensive-end, so every once in a while the must get to the hands of Anthony who must fill his statsheet (and I’m fine with that, he’s doing good job). But for to Lin to try and seek and create plays for Anthony, I don’t think there’s need for that. Carmelo can create his own shots, Lin must continue to connect with Tyson and A’mare, make those type of plays. Usually they result in sometehing good, whether it be pick n roll, pick n pop, penetration or dishing out for open 3-pointer…or foul.

    I think the point was: Lin creates the best by creating for himself. By trying to create for other he’s building pressure on himself to make those plays and forgetting that he must maintain offensive threat, so defenders can’t help others so easily. When Lin penetrates the basket he usually draws at least two or three defenders including his own. This will result easy hoops for Tyson, A’mare, Carmelo, Steve, and the list goes on…

    I’m not a native english speaker so excuse my language, it might not make perfect sense all the time and might have typo’s in it. Thanks anyway! Great article thought.


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