The Fall of a Maestro

In the final seconds of the Wolves’ lost to the Lakers last night, the entire stadium went silent. Not because the Wolves were losing by 1, but because Minnesota’s saviour went down and unfortunately, didn’t get back up. He won’t be getting back up anytime soon either. Ricky Rubio tore his ACL and is officially out for the season.

A huge loss for the Timberwolves who are 21-20 this year behind Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. Ricky Rubio has been lighting up the NBA in his first year out of Spain with 11 points and 8 assists. Ricky Rubio’s career will be put to an abrupt stop, and like many other players will miss out on his full rookie season.

We have to look at the bigger picture though. Aside from Ricky Rubio individually but the Minnesota Timberwolves as a team will suffer immensely without Rubio. The Wolves went 17-65 last season without Rubio. The whole problem for the Timberwolves in the past was the lack of a consistent point guard. They tried and tried for years to grab a point guard, and until this season when Rubio officially signed with the Wolves they had failed. Try Luke Ridnour and Jonny Flynn. There was nobody to run the offense. Nobody to get it to Love in his sweet spots.

Without Rubio, not only do the Wolves’ lose their spark but I see their offense getting stagnant. I see their fast break points decreasing. So without movement and transition points the Wolves’ season will begin to deteriorate. And it’s not like they can rely heavily on their defense to win them games. They are 12th in opponents points allowed, giving up around 97 points a game. The Wolves don’t have a lot of players who can make things happen off the ball. Besides Kevin Love of course. Rubio was the missing piece to their team. Now that he’s gone, well the Wolves go back to square one. The only upside to this loss, is maybe they’ll get a high draft pick this year. Otherwise, it’s a downhill slope for the Wolves.

It’s a terrible loss for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and an awful end to an amazing season. We hate to see these things happen to players loaded with potential, but hey, that’s sports.

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