The Loss of Linsanity

The life of a Knick Fan is a roller coaster ride. This season has been nothing different. First, Linsanity emerges and the entire world begins to believe in a miracle. Then, D’antoni quits under the bright lights of Broadway’s media. Then New York starts winning again, and finally New York begins to think they have a contender. Then Amar’e gets injured for 2-4 weeks and Lin gets injured for the rest of the year. So as of now New York is content with their season. They’re just above .500 and after an up and down season, winning is a pleasant antidote for their anxiousness.

To the average fan New York will do great for the rest of the season. The team is responding well to Mike Woodson, Carmelo is back in his groove and Amar’e will be returning just in time for their projected matchup with Chicago in the playoffs. However, being the realist and experienced Knick fan that I am I can see through it all. The Knicks have just hit their peak, I see them finishing the regular season off well, but when they reach the playoffs they don’t really stand a chance. That’s all thanks to the loss of Lin. Image

Jeremy Lin was more then a point guard in New York. He was the player who brought the team together, who encouraged the team to share the ball and play together. He also gave the Knicks much needed depth. Especially if they face a team like Chicago who are 14-7 without Rose on their team, where depth is essential. Without Lin the Knicks have to give Baron Davis huge minutes for the rest of the season, and you have to wonder if he will hold up, considering his injury riddled season. Besides Baron Davis, Shumpert is the only combo guard on the team who can really run their offense. With Lin out, that means more time for Bibby and Douglas players who aren’t used to minutes.

Besides the loss of depth they also have the hardest schedule for the remainder of the regular season and that means other guys are going to have to step up. Never mind Amar’e who has been below average all season will be coming back from injury and will be extra rusty.

I just don’t see things going well for New York anymore. The ride’s been fun but unfortunately it’s time to get off. Maybe next year they will be blessed with a healthy team, because with a fully healthy team. This team is dangerous and can go far in the playoffs when given the chance.

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