D-Rose Out For Postseason

Funny how an injury to one guy can shake up the whole postseason. Derrick Rose tore his ACL with 1:10 left in game one against the 76’ers. He went up for a layup, and when he came down the whole building went silent with fear. Derrick Rose is out. What does that mean for the Bulls? Well, they can still beat the 76’ers considering they only have to win 3 games. They have homecourt advantage. And most of all they are used to playing sans Rose. They are 18-9 without Rose this season, meaning they have the players to step up and a strong enough defense to make up for his loss. Against the 76’ers the Bulls are safe. But when they reach the second round they will be beaten by the Celtics, considering they win their matchup against Atlanta. Without Rose against an intense, experienced team like the Celtics they don’t have a closer. A closer becomes less necessary when facing the 76’ers but against Boston they are going to need one.

This kind of paved the way for the rest of the playoffs in my mind. Heat beat the Knicks. Bulls beat Philly. Boston beats Atlanta. Indiana beats Orlando. Boston beats Chicago. Miami beats Indiana. Miami beats Boston. Miami loses to either OKC or the Spurs.

It’s terribly unfortunate for Chicago’s dreams to slip away so suddenly. They had the chance to win the NBA title this year but that was torn along with Rose’s ACL. I can’t believe he’s done, after such an extraordinary season for the Bulls, once again clinching the #1 seed in the East. This team is better then last year’s team as well, as a result of the addition of Rip Hamilton and the development of CJ Watson. They really had a chance, but like I said that’s all gone now.

Oh and on another note, I no longer give my coach of the year honors to Tom Thibodeau. Why the hell was Rose in the game when the Bulls were up 12 with a 1:10 remaining? Why wasn’t he resting his star for game 2? Why not play John Lucas III who hadn’t played a single minute in that game? Sending a no mercy message is a good way to begin a series, but at what cost? Certainly, the price of the title dreams is too steep. Just a silly mistake for a coach who had had a near perfect season up until now. Cheers to Gregg Popovich.

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