Celtics vs Heat Series Preview


I’m really excited about this series. It’s going to get extremely gritty and intense and I can’t wait. For me, this series will be tough for both teams to win. In terms of game 1, I think the Heat will take this one. Not only because they’re at home but because the old and veteran Celtics just finished their series with Philadelphia two days ago. They grinded it out in 7 games and right now they must be exhausted. I don’t think they will be ready for the explosiveness and fast-breaking pace of the Heat right out of the gate. In terms of the series as a whole it should go down to 6 probably 7 games. If I were the Celtics I would be relatively worried about the Heat right now. They play just as good defense as the Pacers and the Pacers are quicker and even they couldn’t stop Lebron and Dwyane Wade from sheer dominance in the last three games. The two superstars are feeling it, especially Wade who is playing some of his best basketball of all season. They got the Heat at the wrong time. I’m just wondering if the Pacers couldn’t keep Lebron and Wade to under 25 points, then how will the Celtics be able to? The Celtics, a team who don’t matchup as well with the Heat and aren’t as quick along the perimeter. If Lebron and Wade continue to score 30-40 ppg then the series is over because when those two are playing like that and working together they are the best team in the NBA. The Celtics have to limit their turnovers, because if you choke up the ball too much to Miami they will eat you alive. The Celtics also have to take advantage of KG down low. He’s been playing amazing basketball of late, while carrying the Celtics offensively. Nobody can guard him on the Heat, he should isolate a lot down on the block and definitely get his usual  free throw line jump shot on the pick and roll. For KG, he even might get a few straight line drives because one pump fake off the pick and roll against a slower defender he can get straight to the basket. The Heat have to take advantage of Dwyane Wade. He is playing the best basketball he’s played all season and now since Avery Bradley is out of the picture, he’ll have Ray Allen guarding him. Ray Allen is not only slower but Wade won’t exactly have to do much to break Ray’s ankles either. They have to take advantage of that matchup because if he can get Ray into trouble then there goes their 6th man early and that takes away a lot of the Celtic offense and disables them to spread the floor like they love to do. Then the simple thing has to happen, the bench has to get involved. Like Shane Battier, Mike Miller, they have to make their open threes to take some pressure of the usual suspects. They need Mario Chalmers to be more agressive to the hole and then they should be fine, because their team defense is unbelievable. All in all, I think the Heat are destined for the finals once again because they’re the Heat, because their superstars are playing the best basketball in the world right now and because they’re younger, quicker and their best players outmatch the Celtics offensively. I’ll go Heat in 7.

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