We Are All Witnesses

So does everyone remember that colossal poster of Lebron doing his pre-game chalk routine with the tagline, We are all witnesses. You know, the nike one that was later burned in the streets of Akron after he took his talents to South Beach. Well, I think we can all say we all understand what that poster meant. Last night Lebron really silenced everyone, everywhere. Questions were arising, could Lebron close out the Celtics? Would Lebron ever win a championship, if he can’t even reach the finals? Is he clutch? Well, he answered every single question last night.

In a vital game 6 where the Heat were on the verge of elimination, he put his team on his back and scored 45 points. He solely dominated the Celtic team and single handedly forced a game 7 back in Miami where the Heat have the advantage of the Miami crowd to boost them. Can anybody really say he isn’t clutch anymore? Maybe he didn’t hit a game winner. Maybe he didn’t score the final 10 points for the Heat in overtime. He did something more, he set the tone early and dominated a game that could’ve potentially ended the Heat’s season. He won them the game for them. All the pressure riding on him, but it didn’t matter he played one of the best playoff games ever. So let’s all backoff of King James who is the best player in the NBA by far and witness his greatness.

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