The Big 3? More Like The Big Team.


Anyone who credits more then 75% of this Finals win to Lebron, Wade and Bosh is out of their minds. When the Miami Heat were first put together they were seen as a Big 3 with scrubs on their bench. They had no real players who could step up, and absolutely nobody to create their own shot. That was evident with the benches average of 22.2 points a game over the two seasons with the Big 3. There were many doubts that they would ever win with this thin squad. That’s why I had predicted the Thunder to win this series, they had so much more depth to their team and so many options and players to defend Lebron and Wade. They outmatched Miami inside but they couldn’t keep Lebron and Wade guarded close enough and when they did the role players made their shots. Hell, I even wrote for hours about the difference between the Mavericks who were a team and the Heat who were individuals thrown together last year. p1z6LX-3d

However, this series was a full team effort. Take game 4 for example, Chalmers had 25 points, and Norris Cole added 8 points. Chalmers was humongous in this game 4 victory, he scored 5 points in the last minute to really fill the void that Lebron left when he exited the game due to cramps. Take game 5 if you will, every player on the Miami Heat won them that game. They would’ve been nowehere had it not been for Lebron’s penetration, Mike Millers’ threes, Norris Cole’s timely baskets, Shane Battiers threes, and the other two members of the Big 3. Everybody fit perfectly in the system that the Heat were in in game 5. The open man was hitting shots, and Lebron was doing a great job of penetrating, attracting attention down low and finding the open man.

We’ve now seen how dangerous they can be when Lebron is playing at this level and when the supporting cast is hitting it’s shots. Imagine if Mike Miller could knock down 7 threes a game. He certainly has the opportunity with all the open looks he gets, as does Battier. Chalmers has changed from a guy who the Heat were thinking about putting as backup for the future so Nash could maybe join the squad to a guy who can be their go to scorer in crunch time like in game 4. Norris Cole is a great defender and attacker to the rim and can provide a great surge of the bench, he only averaged 3 points a game but shot 43% from downtown in the finals. Bosh came up huge this series, he played very big and averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds a game. The most impressive thing was his rebounding, which really kept the game alive like in game 2 where the Thunder were desperately trying to make a run back into the lead. Bosh had 15 rebounds in that game to give the Heat more time. The pieces the Heat have together fit great, they played as a team in this series and can definitely expect at least 4 more rings before this dynasty is over.

The Heat came together and everybody stepped up and produced, when that is happening for Miami they are unstoppable.

One thought on “The Big 3? More Like The Big Team.

  1. Great article, completely agree. Without Miller in Game 5, Battier in separate moments (especially that jump ball late in Game 4), and Chalmers and to a lesser extent, Cole, throughout, the Heat wouldn’t have won.

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