Why the Celtics May Be The Best In The East

The Celtics-Heat playoff series this season was one to be remembered. There was the game 6 where Lebron dropped 45 to force a game 7. There were even the loyal Boston fans cheering even after the big 3 stepped off the court in game 7. When I look back at that series I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened had Avery Bradley been healthy. Some may say he’s a non-factor. Some may say his health was irrelevant, but don’t underestimate his impact to their team. He’s a difference maker. I believe the old saying is the little details can make a big difference. He is the epitome of that saying.  He not only would’ve provided a perimeter defensive stopper but would’ve moved Ray Allen down to the 6th man position, not only giving him more time to rest but putting Ray Allen in a better position to provide an offensive spark for the team in tight situations.

The Celtics were so close, in game 7 they were tied going into the 4th. However, the Big 3 had nothing left to give, there was nobody to stop Miami’s perimeter guys and the Celtics were held to 15 points. Avery Bradley could’ve provided offense, given Allen more rest to hit threes in the clutch and take that game further. Anyway, what if? What if? What if?

This season, besides what patriotic Celtic fans may think, the Celtics got a whole lot better. Sure, they lost Ray Allen but lets be completely honest with ourselves, as much as we hate to say it; Ray Allen is declining. He averaged 14.2 points a game this season, which, let me remind you all is the second lowest average for him besides his rookie season in Milwaukee. In the playoffs, he averaged 10.7 points his lowest playoff average of his career. He also shot the worst 3 point percentage of his career in the playoffs, shooting only 30% from deep. John Terry can do more, and is a more versatile offensive player.

They also resigned Jeff Green the promising young forward they got through the Perkins trade two seasons ago. They wisely resigned Garnett who is still a top 10 power forward in the NBA and played some of the best basketball of his career last season. They signed a solid offensive guard off the bench in Courtney Lee who averaged 11 points a game for the Rockets last season. They also got extremely lucky this offseason in the draft when Sullinger and his unpredictable back slipped to the 21st pick. They also picked up the 7 foot Brazilian, Fab Melo out of Syracuse who could definitely be a huge defensive presence in the NBA. Those new additions sliding into an already strong team with Pierce, Rondo, Bass, Dooling, Pietrus, and Bradley could be the deepest team in the NBA. I think with their added depth in the back-court and front-court they could definitely pose a threat to the Heat who are clearly one of the thinnest teams in the NBA.

One thought on “Why the Celtics May Be The Best In The East

  1. While I hope you’re right, from what I’ve read elsewhere, Sullinger and Melo are raw recruits / projects designed to help them in the future and were not seen as guys who would help them in the coming year.
    And has been the case for the Celts the last couple of years, the health of the older guys is key – they are just a couple of injuries away from being a mediocre team rather than one of the best in the East.

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