2012 NBA Rankings: 400-381… The Accurate List Starts Now.

First of all, I start from 400 because players in the realm of 500-400 really don’t affect the league too much and in my mind aren’t relevant enough to list. I also haven’t seen enough of them play to list them accurately. Mostly because, well they don’t… uh play enough. Yeah, so this list will start from 400 and eventually make it’s way to number 1. Oh and by the way, thanks ESPN for including me in your table of 104 experts. Really appreciate it ūüėÄ Anyway, let’s get started.

Image Lazar Hayward: #383 on ESPN. #400 on nbathroughmyveins.

He has a PER of 3.15. Also take note that points, steals, blocks, assists and rebounds all decreased from the 2010-2011 season to the 2011-2012 season.

Jason Collins: #391 on ESPN. #399 on nbathroughmyveins.

For an off the bench big man you would expect that he would do the little things and at least have a decent PER rating. However, he only grabs 1.6 rebounds in 10 minutes a game. He also has a PER of 3.76.

 Tony Battie: #399 on ESPN. #398 on nbathroughmyveins.

Apologies for the lack of titles on the stats but they’re in the same columns as above. Tony Battie is way past his prime, and at 36 offers very little to his team.

 Johan Petro: #397 on ESPN. #397 on nbathroughmyveins.

A solid PER for a big man off the bench with 10.32. He played 16 minutes off the bench a game and only grabbed 3.8 rebounds. Lopez doesn’t even rebound the ball. Come on Petro.

 Shelvin Mack: #396 on ESPN. #396 on nbathroughmyveins.

The sophomore point guard had an underwhelming season last year, i’m not predicting anything better for next season.

  Quincy Miller: #395 on ESPN. #395 on nbathroughmyveins.

A young and versatile forward from Baylor, who averaged 10.6 points a game but only 4.9 rebounds a game last season. I also wonder about his knee, it’s hard to bounce back from a torn ACL. Especially at the next level.

 Luke Harangody: #385 on ESPN. #394 on nbathroughmyveins.

Not only a below par shooter but not the most athletic forward anyones ever seen either.

 Jeremy Tyler: #394 on ESPN. #393 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s athletic, and has a PER of 10.46. Can he shoot? Nope.

 Jajuan Johnson: #388 on ESPN. #392 on nbathroughmyveins.

Doesn’t look like he’ll be getting much playing time behind Garnett, Bass, and Green this year. Wonder where he’ll end up next year.

 Dominique Jones: #381 on ESPN. #391 on nbathroughmyveins.

Not much to say about this guy. A hard-worker no doubt, but limited offensively.

 A.J Price: #384 on ESPN. #390 on nbathroughmyveins.

He played three less minutes this season then he did in the two before, however he averaged 4 points less then his rookie season, and shot only .339% as supposed to .410% his first year.

 Fab Melo: #389 on ESPN. #389 on nbathroughmyveins.

If he uses Boston’s winning culture to his advantage and applies himself to working hard he could be an intimidating defensive presence down low in the future.

 Cole Aldrich: 390 on ESPN. #388 on nbathroughmyveins.

No maybe not everything shows in the stat sheet, but he has a PER of 17.74 and does the little things needed to win. Characteristic of a Thunder role player.

 Jonny Flynn: #386 on ESPN. #387 on nbathroughmyveins.

Flynn was drafted 6th in 2009 out of Syracuse. Guess nothings guaranteed in this league. Just like the transition of his offensive game from college to the pros.

 John Jenkins: #398 on ESPN. #386 on nbathroughmyveins.

This may seem like a reach up the rankings, but he is projected to be the next Ray Allen. Any potential like that must be rewarded.

 Doron Lamb: #387 on ESPN. #385 on nbathroughmyveins.

He was the best 6th man in the nation in college basketball last year. He is also a deadly three point shooter. To top it off he comes from a winning culture and knows how to win in a designated role.

 Samardo Samuels: #392 on ESPN. #384 on nbathroughmyveins.

A gritty defender, and a¬†hard-worker. It’s a shame he isn’t playing like he did in high school. #2 in the nation of his class.

 Shelden Williams: #393 on ESPN. #383 on nbathroughmyveins.

Apologies for the lack of category names but it’s the same columns as above. Shelden Williams is a great rebounder, and hard worker. Sure he was a humongous bust since Duke but he’s efficient and helps out.

 Arnett Moultrie: #400 on ESPN. #382 on nbathroughmyveins.

Apologies for the lack of categorie names but it’s the same as above just shifted over two to the right. Moultrie can do everything on the basketball court, he’s a very versatile offensive player and a great athlete. I wonder if he’ll get time behind all the identical players on the 76’ers.

 Jannero Pargo: #382 on ESPN. #381 on nbathroughmyveins.

Let’s hope his higher rank won’t bother his brother Jeremy who will be looking to breakout this season.

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