2012 NBA Rankings: 84-70

The rankings continue…

George Hill: #87 on ESPN. #84 on nbathroughmyveins.

He was a big part of Indiana’s bench last year and has slowly been making his way up the ladder of the league from spurts of greatness in San Antonio to now being the starting point guard for the Pacers. He’s going to breakout this year with the reigns to the team.

Lou Williams: #88 on ESPN. #83 on nbathroughmyveins.

It’s always hard to lead a team in scoring, especially when you’re coming off the bench. This guy did it, but somehow flew way under the radar. He provides a big boost off the bench and will thrive in Atlanta with most likely a starting role.

Taj Gibson: #82 on ESPN. #82 on nbathroughmyveins.

Like someone posted on ESPN’s rank, don’t look now Carlos Boozer but Taj Gibson is catching up. Taj Gibson could take Carlos Boozer’s place in the next few years if he continues to play with such intensity on offense and defense.

Goran Dragic: #83 on ESPN. #81 on nbathroughmyveins.

Breakout stars list for this coming up season has this guy in the top 10.

Kris Humphries: #84 on ESPN. #80 on nbathroughmyveins.

So the guy married a women for 72 hours. Give him a break. First off, that women was the goddess herself Kim Kardashian, so lets give the guy a little credit. Second, don’t know if you noticed but this guy is a double-double machine. 13 and 11, not too shabby.

Kevin Martin: #76 on ESPN. #79 on nbathroughmyveins.

I’m so sick of this Kevin Martin phenomenon, so yeah he’s a decent scorer but think about it this way. He starts for the Rockets, and Jason Terry comes off the bench but  the JET manages to average two fewer points a game then this guy. For such a good scorer you would think he could take his team somewhere instead of making the front office have annual heart attacks trying to get a “franchise player”

Jeremy Lin: #78 on ESPN. #78 on nbathroughmyveins.

I love this guy, maybe because I’m a die-hard Knicks fan but also because I love a story like his. Sleeping on couches to becoming the top story in the world at one point. I’d like to put him higher up but I’m reluctant. What does 2 weeks really mean? We’ll see what he’s made of as he starts for Houston.

Gerald Wallace: #70 on ESPN. #77 on nbathroughmyveins.


I’m not a huge fan of this guy, a 13 point scorer and a 6 rebound grabber and a solid rebounder. But frankly, where’s the x factor? Where’s the thing that will win games? I don’t think he has enough of it to separate himself from anybody higher.


Jason Terry: #81 on ESPN. #76 on nbathroughmyveins.



You got to love a guy who wants to annihilate the Lakers and the Heat. Also the fact that he’s one of the top 6th men in the league.


Jrue Holiday: #73 on ESPN. #75 on nbathroughmyveins.


A solid young point guard just waiting for his breakout season. I just can’t say I would rather have him over Varejao, Afflalo or Paul George.


Aaron Afflalo: #80 on ESPN. #74 on nbathroughmyveins.


Say what you like but I think this guy is very underrated. His specialty is perimeter defense but he still averages 15 points a game. That will turn into 20 this season with the worst team in the NBA. He’ll only get better and better.


Paul George: #75 on ESPN. #73 on nbathroughmyveins.


An absolute superstar in the making, he’s just waiting to burst out.


Ersan Ilyasova: #72 on ESPN. #72 on nbathroughmyveins.


He deserved the Most Improved Player he’s a great rebounder and has now developed a lethal outside shot. He’s an under the radar guy, but he’ll be key to Milwaukee’s success this year.


Kenneth Faried: #71 on ESPN. #71 on nbathroughmyveins.


There is no doubt he will be a star in this league in the years to come. He fits perfectly with Denver’s style and his energy will take him extremely far in the league.


Brook Lopez: #60 on ESPN. #70 on nbathroughmyveins.


Ok, I know this may be a stretch to move him 10 spots lower than where ESPN had him but come on, he’s a 7 foot center who grabs 3 rebounds a game. That’s disgraceful, there is no doubting his offensive abilities but it’s sad.


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