2012 NBA Rankings: 69-55

Tyreke Evans: #69 on ESPN. #69 on nbathroughmyveins.

I know his game has been groundhog day for every season he’s been in the league but we can’t deny his offensive abilities. He’s an upgrade at shooting guard for most teams in the league right now if they had him. If he were to increase his rebounds and assists per game he’s bordering on mini-Kobe numbers.

David West: #56 on ESPN. #68 on nbathroughmyveins.

Not outstanding statistically but he’s a vocal guy and a leader. Both invaluable traits to have in one of your starting veterans.

Carlos Boozer: #67 on ESPN. #67 on nbathroughmyveins.

They gave him a max contract thinking he would be a consistent 20-10 guy, instead he’s a 15 and 8 guy whose backup may just takeover his starting role in years to come.

Luis Scola: #68 on ESPN. #66 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s one of the most talented low post scorers in the NBA, it’s a shame Houston wanted to move in a different direction. Maybe he’ll have some advice for Kevin Martin when he moves teams as well.

Al Horford: #30 on ESPN. #65 on nbathroughmyveins.

I’ll probably get a lot of hate mail for putting him so low but I just don’t get what you all see in him. Sure last season was full of injuries but he’s a 15 and 9 guy at best. He’s not that great. I’m sorry.

Nicolas Batum: #63 on ESPN. #64 on nbathroughmyveins.

The Blazers ripped apart their team last season so this guy could breakout. He hasn’t done that yet. Maybe this year is his year, but how can ESPN put him ahead of Ray Allen when they’re almost identical statistically but Ray Allen possesses the more valuable skill of three-point shooting and wisdom. Next year it’ll be understandable but for now, Batum hasn’t broke out yet so to rank him ahead based on future projections isn’t right.

Ray Allen: #64 on ESPN. #63 on nbathroughmyveins.

When you’re the best shooter ever people always feel like they have to honor you and put you very high in the rankings. It feels unjust to put Ray Allen too low because people think of his prime and how good he was. Unfortunately, all he is now is a spot up three-point shooter. Still one of the best in the game and still a key piece to the Heat’s chances of a repeat but let’s be real to Ray Allen he’s not that good anymore.

Andrea Bargnani: #58 on ESPN. #62 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s a great player and a great shooter for his size, he just doesn’t get much publicity up in Toronto. I just don’t buy into him as a player. What else does he provide besides a smooth jumper?

Michael Conley: #65 on ESPN. #61 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s a really great point guard and a product of the confidence the Grizzlies organization has had in him. He does everything well and still manages to be underrated at his position.

Tony Allen: #66 on ESPN. #60 on nbathroughmyveins.

All I have to say is that he is a top 5 perimeter defender in the NBA and his grit on defense has spread throughout the entire team. That’s why they always lead the league in steals.

Anthony Davis: #62 on ESPN. #59 on nbathroughmyveins.

I could go on for hours about how good this guy is. But I won’t, everybody already knows he’s the biggest superstar to come out of college since I can remember. I put him at 60 just as a precaution, we don’t know how his game will translate to the NBA. I expect him to be in the top 20 next season, this is just the first stop.

Brandon Jennings: #61 on ESPN. #58 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s a top 10 point guard, let’s be honest with ourselves. As much as we don’t like his offensive minded game, he is a very talented guy. If he dished the ball a little more I guarantee we’d be discussing him in the top 30.

Marcin Gortat: #57 on ESPN. #57 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s a great center and it’s nice to see him develop so much over the years. Do I think his stats will drop without Steve Nash? No, I think he’s developed a mindset and a type of game plan for every game to go hard on defense and on offense. Plus, Goran Dragic is bound to breakout this year.

David Lee: #59 on ESPN. #57 on nbathroughmyveins.

The quietest 20-10 guy in the league. Completely under the radar.

Danilo Gallanari: #54 on ESPN. #56 on nbathroughmyveins.

I think he’s one of the young guys in the league bound to be a star. He’s had injuries plague him in the past but I think with a revamped Denver roster he’s finally ready to take charge.

John Wall: #55 on ESPN. #55 on nbathroughmyveins.

He’s the 3rd most athletic point guard in the NBA, he’s the fastest man in the NBA, and if he had a decent roster surrounding him he could be one the best point guards in the NBA. He has to fix his turnover problem but now with Bradley Beal on the perimeter he has a shooter to dish it out to. I think John Wall will break 40 next season.

All Stats and Pictures are Credited to ESPN.

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