2012 NBA Rankings: 54-40


Andrew Bogut: #45 on ESPN. #54 on nbathroughmyveins.


I think injuries have definitely affected his value and certainly his rank right here. I think he’s a great center, and an imposing defensive presence but I have always felt like he may have been overrated because of the lack of true centers in the league.


Paul Millsap: #53 on ESPN. #53 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s one of the premier underrated players in the league and has done a great job establishing himself as Al Jefferson’s right hand man. The Jazz front-court is one of the strongest in the league because of this guy.


Nene: #52 on ESPN. #52 on nbathroughmyveins.


One of the best centers in the NBA, unfortunately he is one of the true centers without a defensive aspect to his game. Once he adds that, then he can take the next step and the Wizards can finally go somewhere.


Ryan Anderson: #50 on ESPN. #51 on nbathroughmyveins.


This guy gets the edge over the three big men before him because he’s younger, and he has the range, which is a feature many big men are missing. He’s 6’10, a great rebounder but also one of the best three point shooters in the league.


Kyle Lowry: #51 on ESPN. #50 on nbathroughmyveins.




I think he’s one of the up and coming guards of the league who will really breakout this season. He’s been given the keys to the Raptors and with a young group around him he will only continue to flourish. He also fills the stat sheet for the most part. A 6’0 guy grabbing 4 rebounds a game is pretty impressive considering Brook Lopez only grabbed 3 a game. Or does that just show how embarrassing Brook Lopez is?


Greg Monroe: #49 on ESPN. #49 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s pretty much a 15 and 10 guy with a per of 22. And oh yeah, he’s only 22. This guy will definitely be one of the best centers in the league in the coming next years if Drummond doesn’t breakout first. That guys got a lot of talent.


Ricky Rubio: #47 on ESPN. #48 on nbathroughmyveins.


Ricky Rubio will go down in history as one of the best passers ever to play basketball. His rookie season was an instant breakout season and he only played 41 games. Everything has happened early for Rubio. He started playing professionally at 14, he made his debut in the Euroleague at 16 and I think he could be an all-star next season. Again, following the trend of early achievements.


Amar’e Stoudemire: #43 on ESPN. #47 on nbathroughmyveins.


Last season he was top 15 and now he’s top 50. That just shows how much injury, death in the family and playing with Melo can make a difference on a guy having the best season of his life in his first season in NY. As a Knicks fan it really kills me to put him here but it is what it is.


Ty Lawson: #48 on ESPN. #46 on nbathroughmyveins.



He’s emerged as the leader of the young Nuggets and continues to get better with every season.


Monta Ellis: #46 on ESPN. #45 on nbathroughmyveins.


The stats don’t tell the whole story for this guy. He’s one of the best pure scorers in the league, but playing alongside Jennings has brought his ppg down. Anyway, it’s admirable for him to be a 20 point scorer and still have time to drop 6 assists a game.


Al Jefferson: #44 on ESPN. #44 on nbathroughmyveins.


Al Jefferson is one of the best power forwards in the NBA but still flies under the radar. Is it the fact that he’s playing up in Utah? Or is it that he doesn’t want the attention because he plays better without it? Who knows, all I know is he is quietly putting up a strong 20 and 10 with a PER of about 23.


Danny Granger: #39 on ESPN. #43 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s a great scorer and a solid rebounder but I’m not a fan of his game, he’s never been able to lead the Pacers anywhere. David West is the true leader of that team, he along with Collison who was stupidly traded for Ian Mahimi.


Demarcus Cousins: #42 on ESPN. #42 on nbathroughmyveins.


Two things. 1, this is a mental ranking. If his head was screwed on right he would be in the top 25. Second, this guy could be better then Bynum if he starts playing smart.


Serge Ibaka: #41 on ESPN. #41 on nbathroughmyveins.


Statistically he’s average but that’s what is so great about this guy’s game. All he has to do is play with energy, and play defense and this whole team functions smoothly.


Stephen Curry: #40 on ESPN. #40 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s one of the best shooting point guards in the league. As a matter of fact, one of the best shooters period. He just needs to play a full healthy season with his new roster and he’ll jump 10+ spots.

All stats and pictures are credited to ESPN.


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