2012 NBA Rankings: The Top 10 Honorable Mentions. Just Missed The Cut.

Kyrie Irving: #22 on ESPN. #24 on nbathroughmyveins.

Kyrie Irving starts at #24. He’ll start next season at #15+.

Kevin Garnett: #21 on ESPN. #23 on nbathroughmyveins.

The fact that he’s a top 25 player just shows how much a competitive mindset can keep you successful in the league.

Steve Nash: #19 on ESPN. #22 on nbathroughmyveins.

Steve Nash is one of the best passers in the NBA and one of the best shooting point guards in the league as well. I can see his rank going up next season as his assists will improve as a result of dishing to Dwight and Pau.




Chris Bosh: #18 on ESPN. #21 on nbathroughmyveins


Chris Bosh is one of the premier power forwards in the league and is a huge mismatch for all centers when he plays the 5. Without him the Heat have no championship.


Lamarcus Aldridge: #20 on ESPN. #20 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s an all-star averaging about 22 and 8 a game. He just needs some help now for his team to take the next step. Hopefully Damian Lillard can surge the team and improve Aldridge’s game.


Pau Gasol: #15 on ESPN. #19 on nbathroughmyveins.


Why is he lower than Tony Parker? Well, I didn’t hear any chatter about him being an MVP candidate last year. He may be the most “skilled” big man in the league but I’ll take Tony Parker over him any day.


Tony Parker: #16 on ESPN. #18 on nbathroughmyveins.


You could name your top 5 point guards and totally forget about this guy. Then you’d look back and see that he averaged 18 and 8, while constantly leading the “ancient” spurs to the playoffs with a top seed.


Blake Griffin: #14 on ESPN. #17 on nbathroughmyveins.


He’s an athletic god and that’s why he’s an all star and that’s why he won rookie of the year. There isn’t much more to his game. He’s not a good defender, he’s not a good shooter – free throw included and I put Melo ahead of him because in the playoffs Blake Griffin’s numbers drop to 19 and 6 while Melo’s improved to 28 and 8.


Carmelo Anthony: #17 on ESPN. #16 on nbathroughmyveins.


Yeah, he may be a ball stopper and a pain to every offense that tries to move the ball. He’s one of the best scorers in the league and could be the most clutch guy in the league as well. Like I already said his numbers improved to 28 and 8 in the playoffs. This guy performs when it counts.


Dirk Nowitzki: #11 on ESPN. #15 on nbathroughmyveins.


Although he’s not statistically superior to Melo, it’s about his leadership and his experience. Dirk is the anchor to Dallas and keeps them successful every season and this season I think will be better than the last.


Andrew Bynum: #13 on ESPN. #14 on nbathroughmyveins.


Andrew Bynum had a huge breakout year last season but I wonder if he can handle the pressures of being the star of the 76’ers. He’s used to playing off Pau and Kobe but now he is the GUY. Will his immaturity hold him back?


Rajon Rondo: #12 on ESPN. #13 on nbathroughmyveins.


Most definitely a top 5 point guard in the league and the guy who will determine the success of Boston from now on. Watching him play is like watching him play with high school kids.


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