Chicago vs Sacramento: Opening Night

The Chicago Bulls are unfortunately without their superstar this season Derrick Rose as a result of his torn ACL that he suffered in the first round of the playoffs against the 76’ers. Somehow I’m not that worried about the Bulls this season. There is no way that they can get far into the playoffs, and they won’t win a championship. The thing is that they’re used to playing without Derrick Rose and the Bulls added a lot more depth at the point guard position with the additions of Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich. Both invaluable additions, Kirk who can provide some hustle and defense and Nate Robinson who can bring some scoring off the bench. I think Luol Deng has to step up this season and step into the 1st option on offense. It’s not a natural position for him because he’s always been the second option but the Bulls need him to start scoring, he’s their best option. Carlos Boozer also has to start playing like the max contract he was given in the offseason of 2010. I think the one thing that will keep in them among the top 8 seeds in the East is their defense. No matter what personnel they have they will always be among the best defensive teams in the NBA. They’re coached by the defensive mastermind in the league Tom Thibodeau.

The Sacramento Kings have the personell to get out and run and just score 100+ points every night. They have plenty of scorers but the problem is their defense is very poor. They’re all very young and inexperienced and the problem with the roster is they lack that one guy who’s been through it all. This team has been established through draft picks and free agent pickups. They need a veteran presence on this team in my opinion. That’s why they’ll just be a bunch of young athletic scorers this season.

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