Lakers vs Blazers: Opening Night

I have already discussed the Lakers this season so I’ll stick to the Blazers on this one. Why do I have the title Lakers vs Blazers? Well, it looks nice on the blog if the format is the same every time. I love the Blazers roster, I think they could find some unexpected success this season. They have a star in Lamarcus Aldridge who always seems to fly under the radar every season and alongside him is a roster full of young and feisty players. Those being Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum, JJ Hickson and Damian Lillard. Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum are terrific all around players. They always average double digit points and usually have 4 or more in the rebounding and assists category. Whats really great about them though is that they’re tough and they’re fighters. They’re always grabbing offensive rebounds, or diving for loose balls. I think Damian Lillard will be the rookie of the year as well. He has a knack for scoring the ball and he is extremely confident. If this Blazer team can get out and run then they will be very successful. They have very athletic wings and their bigs Meyers Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge can definitely run the floor and get the ball down low. The thing I worry about this team is that they have an inconsistent bench. Sacha Pavlovic is a good shooter but besides him I’m not sure who else can provide for them. They don’t have a big scorer on the bench.  They have nobody to come off and provide a spark, which will be very difficult for the Blazers because the premier teams in the West all have that spark player on the bench. All in all, I think the Blazers will be fighting for playoff position this season. They have a great starting lineup that can definitely compete in the West but the bench is inconsistent and that will bring them down as the season progresses and the starters begin to feel the fatigues of carrying the load all year.

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