Nuggets vs 76’ers: Opening Night

I think the Denver Nuggets are poised to have an outstanding season this year. It’s funny to me that they picked up the one “star player” that really plays like just another guy. He’s perfect for the Nuggets, he’s athletic, he’s selfless, he’s young and he’s a terrific perimeter defender. He’s a great fit for the young Nuggets. I think their deep roster is going to be a handfull for every team that they play. It seems like they have very good players at every position. Ty Lawson and Andre Miller at the 1, Igoudala, Brewer, Fournier and Crawford at the 2, Gallinari and Chandler at the 3, Faried and Randolph at the 4, and Koufos and Mcgee at the 5. Their team is full of young and talented players and if they run and fast-break constantly there are few teams that can slow them down. I think this team can become one of the best defensive teams in the NBA as well. I think they have all the perimeter defenders and the interior defenders as well. I think they work very hard and if they stay together they can surprise a lot of teams that think they’re inexperienced. What I like about this team is there is no star player, so there is nobody in the scouting report that other teams will be double teaming or focusing on specifically. Every guy has a chance of stepping up, which is why they can really attack you from every angle. That’s why they could be a dangerous X-factor in the west because if the team is having an off night there is always someone else who can carry the load and step up.

I think the 76’ers are going to be just as good as the Nuggets this season. The only real difference between the two teams is that the 76’ers have the defined star player in Andrew Bynum. I wonder about his presence on the team. I know he had an outstanding season last year with Los Angeles but he’s never been the #1 option before. He was the third option with the Lakers and still dealt with immaturity problems, who knows how he will respond to all the pressure on him this year. He is not only going to carry the load for the team but he is going to be looked up to by the younger guys who have yet to win a ring. I think besides Andrew Bynum they have a very deep young roster. Like Denver they have several players at each position who can provide valuable minutes. Jrue Holiday and Malik Wayns at the 1 who I think was a huge steal in the offseason, they have Evan Turner, Nick Young and J-Rich at the 2, at the three and 4 they have a flurry of players who can play both positions due to their athleticism, they have Arnett Moultrie, Thaddeus Young, Lavoy Allen and at the 5 of course is Spencer Hawes and Andrew Bynum.

I think in this game in particular the 76’ers will win. I think Andrew Bynum is a bigger body than anybody on the Nuggets can handle not in length but in weight and strength. I think he’ll pound it inside, I think the supporting guys on both teams are going to have to step up because they both cancel each other out in terms of production. I think this is where the depth and that aspect of no star player will be needed for Denver they’re going to need to attack in different ways with Bynum on the inside.

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