Toronto vs Indiana: Opening Night

I won’t go into this game specifically because this game has 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I’ll just analyze in general these two teams.

I think that the Indiana Pacers are going to be a team like the Nuggets and like the Pacers who will really be able to surprise teams with their depth and their athleticism. They too have a young roster, and will definitely be one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. They also have several pieces at each position. George Hill and DJ Augustin at the 1. Paul George and Gerald Green at the 2. Danny Granger will take the chunk of the minutes at the three. At the 4 they have a mixture of David West, Tyler Hansbrough, Miles Plumlee and Sam Young. At the 5 they have their all-star center Roy Hibbert. The roster is full of young talent just waiting to breakout. I think they will have a better season than last because they faced failure at the hands of the champions and I think the young players on the team learned a lot from the superstars Lebron and Wade when they flicked the switch last year. I think it was a good learning experience for them. I think they have utilize Roy Hibbert a lot this year. Last year he showed that he can really produce if he’s given the chance, however in the playoffs against the Heat he didn’t get enough touches and he had a mismatch every night. They need his input down low for them to take pressure off the perimeter and to give the Pacers a different angle to score. I think they definitely have to work on their three point shooting they don’t have enough shooters on their squad, and that can often make their spacing very tight because they lack shooters to kick out to.

For the Toronto Raptors I think they are a also a young and talented young team, they don’t have as much depth as the Pacers, which is why it’s vital that every player on their roster – bench or starting lineup – step up every night. They have a good rotation at the point guard position, they have the luxury of having two starting point guards on their team in Kyle Lowry and Jose Calderon. I think Kyle Lowry was a very smart pickup for the Raptors. He had a great season with Houston last year and now that he is the focus of this team he will thrive. This team needs to get out and run when they can. They have very athletic pieces like DeMar Derozan, Jonas Valencunias and Kyle Lowry. I think they have the potential to be a very good defensive team if they work for it. Kyle Lowry is a very strong stocky guard and the former Knick, Landry Field is a very good perimeter defender. I think one of the keys to this teams success is to move the ball. They have a lot of guys who can score the ball and a lot of guys who move very well without the ball, I think that if they can get everybody involved it will not only make their half-court sets easier but it will give more confidence to the younger players on the team.

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