What We Learned From Opening Nights of NBA Season

1. James Harden is the next superstar in the league. He’s Lebron with more hair and a bigger beard. Let’s be honest, Sam Presti is going to be regretting the day he traded Harden for years to come.

2. The Heat are absolutely unstoppable, I mean c’mon 120 points against one of the best defenses in the league. Wow.

3. The Lakers are not going to go 72-10. I’m definitely feeling a dejavu to the Heat of 2010-2011 minus the stunting on a stage. They’re not going to be amazing immediately, calm down Jack Nicholson.

4. The rookie of the year competition is coming down to Damian Lillard or Anthony Davis. I have my money on Lillard.

5. The Spurs are having another one of those surprise success seasons. But then again is it ever really a surprise.


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