Boozer for Bargnani? Robinson for Lucas III?

Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls

Rumor has it that the Bulls and Raptors are in talks for a swap of big men. Boozer will be sent to Toronto and Bargnani to Chicago. Toronto would have to send some other pieces Chicago’s way to make the salary cap work but at the center of the deal is Boozer and Bargnani. The Bulls desperately need some extra outside shooting: one of Bargnani’s specialties. The Raptors want some inside scoring and some extra star power to go along with Rudy, DeRozan and Lowry. My take on this trade is that both teams need to step back and reconsider.

The Raptors are all of a sudden caught up in creating an all-star team, but I hate to break it to you Toronto – a combination of Gay, DeRozan, Lowry and Boozer is not going to compete with the Heat or the Knicks at the top of the East. Gay is overpaid and now bringing on another overpaid all star won’t propel you to contention. You get Boozer and you get a very good starting lineup, without a reliable bench and absolutely no financial flexibility for the future. They say they’re not afraid to get pummelled by the luxury tax but they should be. I don’t mind the addition of Gay but swapping Boozer for Bargnani just adds an extra 5 million to your payroll and an irrelevant 5 million because Boozer will only make you a 1st round exit instead of the 9th or 10th seed. I’m not taking anything away from Boozer. I think he’s a great low-post offense and a solid rebounder but he’s not impactful enough to make a big trade for.

On the Bulls side I know that they are in desperate need of some three point shooting but there are plenty of shooters on rosters that are on the trade market – try J.J. Redick for example. Bargnani is the guy that nobody wants because of his lack of durability, his inefficiency and his 10 million dollar contract per year over 3 years. He’s already missed 26 games this season and has only averaged 16 a game on 40% from the field and 30% from beyond the arc. If they’re looking for a “Bulls Type of Player” Bargnani isn’t it. He doesn’t play defense, which is the thing that has kept the Bulls relevant while Rose rehabs and he is having one of his worst years of his career. He also grabs 4 rebounds a game as opposed to Boozer’s 9 a game. Bargnani for Boozer is a risk for the Bulls, and a point could be made that Taj Gibson is ready to step into his spot, but Boozer has been playing superbly this season.


The trade is on the table, Boozer and Nate Robinson for John Lucas III and Andrea Bargnani. Toronto is expected to accept the offer, which would shake up both rosters significantly. I think Toronto would definitely be the winner of this trade like I said before, even though being the winner in this trade doesn’t say much because I don’t think he will affect them significantly. Chicago gets worse, they want a three point shooter but Bargnani is shooting a dismal 30% from beyond the arc. He’s not going to produce and he doesn’t play defense. Nate Robinson shouldn’t be traded either, he’s been playing superbly this season – Averaging 12 and 4 off the bench. Thibodeau loves Lucas but Robinson is the better player.

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