The J-Smoove Sweepstakes

Josh Smith will no doubt be on the move in the next few days, we just don’t know where. Atlanta refused to offer him a max contract and now they need to get value in return for him before he walks this off-season. Possible Destinations are….

To Milwaukee: Atlanta is interested in Ellis who they think could play alongside Jeff Teague. Milwaukee is looking for anything, and they think they can start rebuilding around Josh Smith. A possible trade includes something like Ellis and Dunleavy for Smith. It gives Milwaukee their man, and Atlanta a scoring guard in Ellis and a solid offensive threat in Dunleavy.

To Brooklyn: Brooklyn is always interested in bringing in more stars, so when Brooklyn hears about a new star on the trade block of course they’re going after him. A possible trade includes something like Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, a 1st round pick and maybe another piece like a Keith Bogans.

To Houston: Houston has said that they will wait on Smith until the summer and pick him up during free agency. They are most likely not going to offer anything for him, they most likely will win this whole chase for Smith because most teams in the chase for him aren’t desirable destinations – places like Milwaukee, Dallas, Toronto and so on.

To San Antonio: There wasn’t much talk surrounding the Spurs and Smith but he would be a perfect fit there. They could move Tim Duncan to the Center position and bring Splitter off the bench. He can spread the floor and attack the paint, and provides athleticism. A possible trade includes a package of Stephen Jackson’s expiring contract, Dejuan Blair’s expiring contract and an additional piece of Danny Green.

To Philadelphia: Philly wants Smith to go along with Bynum and Jrue Holiday. That’s a nice young core and a powerful big three, definitely able to become a top two team in the East when they are all healthy (Bynum). A possible trade includes Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes and maybe Dorell Wright’s expiring contract for Smith. The Hawks would get a promising young guard in Turner and a talented young center/power forward in Hawes.

To Dallas: Mark Cuban has never been scared to spend money and make a big deal. He wants his franchise back in playoff position like it has been for the past 10+ years. Smith wouldn’t make them contenders but might help them make the 8th seed. A possible package includes a first round pick, Chris Kaman’s expiring contract, Dahntay Jones’ expiring contract and the promising rookie Jae Crowder.

To Phoenix: Phoenix desperately wants a star after missing out on Eric Gordon this summer and Rudy Gay last month. They’re willing to give up anything. A package would most likely include a first round pick, Wesley Johnson, Markieff Morris, and Sebastian Telfair who they want to get out of Phoenix. Maybe even an addition of Jared Dudley.

To Boston: Boston is looking for something to bring them up the standings in the East and apparently an offer of Brandon Bass, Jeff Green and a 1st round pick are on the table for Atlanta. However, Atlanta wants Paul Pierce and Boston is highly unlikely to give up Paul Pierce for Josh Smith.

In my opinion, no matter where Josh Smith goes I don’t think he should sign an extension. I would wait it out till summer and sign with the Rockets who have one of the best young teams around with superstar James Harden already there. The Rockets could also be in a position to work a sign and trade with Los Angeles for Dwight. It’s a very appealing destination for Smith.

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