The First of Many


The first trade during deadline week has just gone through. The Rockets have traded Marcus Morris to the Suns for a future 2nd round draft pick and in a separate trade they traded Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Tony Douglas to Sacramento for Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt. Who wins here? Well, I think everybody wins.

The Suns win because they gave up a worthless second round draft pick to acquire Marcus Morris; the other half of Markieff. Marcus is a solid player who can stretch the floor and give you 8-10 points a game by getting into the paint and hitting the three if he has to. He’s also a decent rebounder. Who knows, maybe being together will spark some new confidence and talent into these guys and they’ll become stars. I bet the Suns are wishing for it.

The Kings win because they weren’t using Thomas Robinson and now they get Patrick Patterson a cheap 4 who can score the ball in many different ways. They shed Garcia’s 12 million dollar contract over the next two years and pick up two expiring contracts in Douglas and Aldrich who they’ll most likely let walk this summer. Nothing the King’s did here made them significantly better but I guess they improved a little at the 4, and a little bit financially for the future for god knows what.

The Rockets win here because they pick up Thomas Robinson the 5th pick in the draft this year and put him in prime position to develop and flourish. He’s an athletic 4 with a post game, and that’s what the Rockets needed. It’s a nice plus that he’s cheap and young like most Rockets players are. He’ll have plenty of time to grow into what the Kings originally hoped he’d be; a star. He probably needed to get out of the toxic environment in Sacramento to become a real player, I’m excited for him, I’ve always liked him because of his mental strength and the way he was able to lead Kansas to the final 4 last year. The Rockets may have gone a little overboard on the Marcus Morris give away. The 2nd round pick they acquired isn’t anything special, and they didn’t shed much salary by getting rid of him. I think they should’ve kept him for depth and for another asset to possibly trade away if they want to make a bigger deal down the line.

Overall, not much to explain or say here, it’s a pleasant change and it’ll be exciting to see Thomas Robinson in a new scene with a good team. Let’s see if he has what it takes.

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