Deadline Day Deals

Several deals went down today, and although none were of the blockbuster variety they all count. The first deal is…

Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns

1. Sebastian Telfair to Toronto for Hamed Haddadi.

This trade isn’t really significant at all, the goal of this trade was primarily to clear more room for Kendall Marshall in Phoenix. He hasn’t got time in Phoenix and now that Telfair is gone he gets more room to backup Dragic. Apparently Telfair is good friends with Gay, Anderson and Lucas III in Toronto so it’s not like Telfair is dreading going to Toronto.


2. Ronnie Brewer to OKC for future second round pick. Then They Pick Up Kenyon Martin for 10 Day-Contract.

I’m a Knicks fan at heart and this trade really doesn’t bother me. They had a 15-man roster and now they cleared a spot for Kenyon Martin who they just offered a 10 day contract. He has played with J.R, Kidd, and Melo previously in his career and will fit in great in the Knicks rotation now that Camby and Sheed are out. Also, he wasn’t getting time now that Shumpert is back, it also gives more future room for a guy like Copeland who shows flashes of potential. For OKC, Ronnie Brewer fits right in to their culture. He’s a defensive stopper on the perimeter and will probably get some time off the bench as a backup 3 in OKC. He wasn’t getting time in New York so I think this trade is best for him.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Washington Wizards

3. Jordan Crawford to Boston for Leonardo Barbosa and Jason Collins

I like this trade for both teams, for Boston they beef up their backcourt, which at the moment only consists of Lee, Terry and Bradley. They get some youth to their team in a guy who can score in many different ways, and provides them with another asset for the future. The Wizards trade Crawford who probably wasn’t in their future plans as an organization. It gives more room to Beal who they think will become a star in a few years, they also take on two expiring contracts. They have a total of 6 expiring contracts this year, which puts them in great position to pick up a free agent in the future summers. Maybe someone like Josh Smith who will be a free agent this summer.


4. Dexter Pittman to Memphis for 2nd round pick.

This trade is very similar to the Knicks – OKC trade. The Heat clear a roster spot for a free agent, who they were hoping would be Kenyon Martin but now that he’s agreed to a 10 day contract the trade was simply getting rid of a useless contract.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Oklahoma City Thunder

5. Eric Maynor to Portland for Trade Exception

First, a quick definition of a trade exception for those who don’t know, courtesy of the NBA.

“If a team trades away a player with a higher salary than the player they acquire in return (call this initial deal “Trade #1”), they receive what is called a Traded Player Exception, also known colloquially as a “Trade Exception”. Teams with a trade exception have up to a year in which they can acquire more salary in other trades (Trade #2, #3, etc.) than they send away, as long as the gulf in salaries for Trade #2, #3, etc. are less than or equal to the difference in salary for Trade #1.”

I think Portland is the biggest winner of the trade deadline deals. Eric Maynor is highly underrated, and will fit in great behind Lillard in Portland. Portland also beefs up their bench a little, which has been extremely weak this season. They really didn’t have a consistent backup point guard and now they do. The Thunder want to win-now and Reggie Jackson has been playing well of late, so unfortunately they felt like it couldn’t hurt to relieve themselves of Maynor and his contract.


6. Reddick, Ish Smith, Gustavo Ayon to Milwaukee for Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb and Beno Udrih.

I really like this trade for the Bucks. J.J. Reddick is one of the best shooters in the league and is averaging a career high in points with 15 this season. He can be a great scoring punch off the bench for Milwaukee, who not only has trouble scoring but needs shooters. They also get Ish Smith, who is an underrated back up point guard that shouldn’t be looked over in this trade. Gustavo Ayon is just another big body. The Magic did ok getting value back for him. They are obviously in the midst of their rebuilding project and an expiring contract in Udrih and two young bloods in Tobias Harris and Doron Lamb are nice assets to a team starting over.


7. Anthony Morrow for Dahntay Jones

I like this trade for the Mavericks more so than the Hawks. I think the Hawks didn’t necessarily need Morrow because of all the other shooters on the team like Korver, Jenkins and Lou Williams. However, I think he was probably an upgrade over Jones, whose identity is a defensive stopper but he hasn’t played too well this season. I think the Mavericks lucked out with Morrow, he’s a guy who can light it up quickly and is one of the best 3 point spot shooters in the league. The Mavericks need any spark they can get so Morrow – although small, is a good pickup. Additionally, the Mavericks clearly want to go for Dwight this summer and surrounding him with a roster of shooters will help them bring him in.

Dallas Mavericks v Orlando Magic

8. Josh McRoberts for Hakim Warrick

I like this trade for the Suns a lot more than the Magic. Both guys are somewhat equal in terms of production on the court, and both teams – the Suns and Magic are looking for young talent to start building around. The Magic had McRoberts on his last year of his contract for 3 million. They could’ve let him walk this offseason and cleared some more space. Instead they trade for Warrick, a guy of equal talent but who is getting paid about 8 million over the next two seasons. Just not a wonderful idea by the Magic.


9. Warriors send Jeremy Tyler to Atlanta and Charles Jenkins to Philly.

These trades were simply to get the Warriors under the luxury tax line and they did so successfully by cutting about a combined 1.5 million from their payroll and getting under the luxury tax line by about 300,000 dollars. That’s efficient general managing right there.

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