My End of Season Vent

I’m taking a break from the bad teams of the NBA to simply vent on this season and round out the season with some of my thoughts. Before you continue reading, and I mean I don’t get many readers but before whoever you are and I appreciate you for reading – before you continue reading I’m just warning that you that I’m not using any grammar, I’m not checking my spelling I’m just spilling my guts out on basketball. It’ll be long, just everlasting, you know, just like a run-on sentence that never seems to end, but it’s because so much has happened this season so you pretty much have no right to criticise or send me hate mail because I’ve warned you already. If you want to comment do the same. It’ll be fun like a Harlem Barber Shop type of vibe, so join in, pipe in, enjoy and let’s vent.

Ok, first. I’ll start with my Knicks cause they’re my hometeam. I am so proud of them man, I’ve been a fan since I could say Houston or Sprewell and they’ve always been bad and even when they were good they were the type of good that were bound to lose their lead in the 4th quarter type of good. I’m happy about them for once, and I’m trying really hard to block out any criticism from the paid writers of the world that are saying the Knicks are too reliant on shooting or are too old. I have faith baby. They’re playing such strong basketball at the moment it’s hard to think otherwise unless you’re paid to. I mean the 13 game winning streak was a blast, J.R really set himself apart from every other 6th man in the NBA. Carmelo got hot and hit 5 straight 35+ point games you know. They made 20 threes against the Wizards. Copeland is obviously from Dopeland cause he’s Dope. He’s a deadly scorer man, he’s going to be an X factor in the playoffs too, an immediate mismatch at 6’10 with a 3 point shot. They beat the Celtics by 15, the Grizzlies by 7, the Celtics by 19 again, the Heat by 12, the Hawks by 13, the Bucks by 18, and the Thunder by 5 (in OKC). According to my calculations that’s 6 playoff teams, and what could be even more impressing was destroying the teams we’re supposed to, which happens rarely in the NBA. We’ve secured the 2nd Seed in the East and are gonna face Boston who I have full faith we’ll beat, especially with everybody resting for the last 2 pointless games of the season against Charlotte and Atlanta. We’ll be fully healthy with Rasheed back as well. After that series we’ll play Chicago or Indiana – I’m not afraid of either. I know we went 0-4 against Chicago but it doesn’t mean anything when the playoffs come around. The Heat will obviously come around come ECF time and I’m confident – as confident as someone going up against the best team can be. I think our depth can beat them in the long run and our size down low if Chandler, Sheed and Camby are all fully healthy. Maybe Amar’e will be back by then.

Anyway, moving on, I wanna go on to my top 5 guys at each position at the end of this season in my opinion. It’s fun to do and it’s interesting to see who wasn’t there at the beginning and who is clearly there now. Ok so PG…

1. Chris Paul

2. Russell Westbrook

3. Tony Parker

4. Kyrie Irving

5. Stephen Curry

I think it’s totally debatable to put different guys up there, but CP3 is obviously the best – he controls the game, and has turned the Clippers into a legit contender. Westbrook as much as he is criticised for taking too many shots he is just explosive and unstoppable. TP is underrated but look at San Antonio’s record and tell me he isn’t top 3. Kyrie has really stepped up this season as a star, and the Cavs once his supporting guys come around will be pretty damn good. Curry I think is also underrated (not even an all-star) but I mean he’s averaging 22 and 7 on 45% from three.

Speaking of the devil I was thinking that Stephen Curry will be the all-time leader in three pointers made when it’s all said and done. Ok, here’s why.

Point #1. Stephen Curry is a point guard and instead of coming off screens all the time and running around the court like Ray Allen he does a lot of his three point shooting off the dribble and off ball screens. He’ll probably play just as long as Ray Allen considering point guards tend to last long cause they can change their game to be fundamentally sound and to be a distributor and a thinker – like Nash, Miller, Kidd and so on.

Point #2. Stephen Curry is playing his 4th season right now and has made 633 threes and is shooting 44.6% from there. By the end of Ray Allen’s 4th season he had made 497 three pointers and was shooting about 38% from the three point arc. So judging on Curry’s trend he is way ahead of what is needed to beat Allen’s record.

Point #3. Ray Allen missed 4 years of playoffs between 2001-2005 and 2005-2007 so thats a total of 6 years without the playoffs. Stephen Curry’s team, the Warriors have clinched a playoff spot this season and the first of many judging on their young and talented squad of Barnes, Curry, Thompson with sixth man Jarret Jack and all-star David Lee. They’re bound to make the playoffs every year for about 10 years considering the Lakers are going to drop off soon as are the Spurs.

So that’s that. Other things, um, I think the West is really up in the air for teams to come out this year. I think that the Thunder are probably the favorites but Tim Duncan has been playing amazing this season and so has Tony so they could finally get back to the finals this season. I think as good as the Thunder are I don’t think they will actually beat the Heat in the finals if they get there, I think they lack firepower besides Westbrook and Durant and I think Lebron can subdue Durant to a point where he’ll get maybe 20-25 a game instead of around 30. I think the Nuggets’ style of play will still work in the playoffs despite what people might say about the grit and grind of the playoffs. I think the Warriors’ time will come soon but for them and the Rockets I don’t think they can beat a higher seed this year.

In terms of the Lakers I think it’s only respectful if I talk about them. I just feel so terrible for Kobe Bryant. I really do, he’s such a hard worker, and is always so prepared for every game. It’s such a shame that his season had to end that way. It really is, he was doing things unheard of for players in their mid-30’s. He tried every method to get the Lakers going and to get them into the playoffs – he tried being Steve Nash when Steve Nash couldn’t be Steve Nash, he tried scoring 40 a night and seeing how that went, he tried calling team-only conferences, he shouted at guys, he gave guys the silent treatment but in the end he couldn’t keep going. I don’t blame D’Antoni because it’s not his fault his team has no depth and therefore couldn’t afford to rest Bryant at all. They needed him to play for them to see the 8th seed so resting him wasn’t an option. If Nash was healthy he probably could’ve played 40 a night instead of 45 but he wasn’t. Kobe takes care of his body better than everybody in the game so it’s not his fault some crazy injury happened and ripped his achilles right out of his foot. What’s interesting is the fate of the Lakers now and some interesting theories i’ve heard about possibly amnestying Kobe or him possibly retiring.

Here are my thoughts. I think amnestying him is retarded. He was only going to play 2 more years or so, maybe retire in the summer of 2014 so what’s the point of amnestying him now. I doubt Dwight stays if he’s gone. And none of this bullshit about oh just resign him in 2014, no he’s Kobe Fucking Bryant he’s not some pawn the Lakers can use to slash money, sign players and re-sign him for less. He’s Kobe Fucking Bryant a top 10 all time player ever. Let’s forget Lebron for a second and everything he does, he gets so much attention but watch Kobe Bryant play basketball man, it’s beautiful, he’s so damn good and we’ve been obsessed with super-teams, and Kevin Durant, and Lebron for so long recently that we’ve forgotten about how dominant KObe actually is. Ok, now about him retiring. I don’t think he’s really the type of guy at all to go out on an injury. He’s too much of a warrior – this is a guy who has played finals on like 3 broken fingers and glass knees. He’s not going out on a torn achilles, are you kidding? He’ll come back and if he can’t play like a superstar at least he’ll be honoured and said goodbye to like the king he is and step onto the court for the Lakers one last time before he says goodbye. It’s only right.

Where do the Lakers fit into the playoffs this season? That’s an iffy one. I’m not sure they even make it. Two things can happen. The Jazz who have game against Minnesota and then a game in Memphis to end the season, where I’m expecting Memphis to probably be resting all of their guys. They could very easily win both of those games and finish with a record of 44-38. The Lakers, obviously without Kobe Bryant have the Spurs tonight and then the Rockets who I assume will be without Harden and Lin who will be resting. The Lakers are 1 game ahead of the Jazz already so if they were to win both they would obviously finish with a record of 45-37 and take the 8th seed. If they win one and the Jazz win one they would still get the 8th seed so if the Lakers lose both than they will drop to 9th and not even get to the playoffs. I think the Lakers have always been more dangerous than they appear. They’re like the big jock who secretly writes poetry and plays the guitar to his girlfriends. They sound dangerous but you play them and they’re weak on defense they have nothing going from the perimeter and they have no depth. Now the Lakers could continue this trend through the end of the season and miss out. Or they could all step up for Kobe and for themselves and get to the playoffs and possibly upset the Spurs or the Thunder. Pau and Dwight will definitely step up and I think Dwight could really perform like everybody has been asking him to now with double the touches and not having to think of Kobe at all. He’s the main threat now. I think on the inside the Lakers can beat anybody now that they’re inside guys are the focus. The problem will come from the perimeter – offensively and defensively. They’re perimeter guys aren’t strong defenders, guys like Blake, Goudelock, Duhon and so on. Offensively, they’re not going to get by people so I think Clark will have to step up and as a team everybody’s going to have to be on their A-game.

In the West, nobody wants to face the Grizzlies. And in the East nobody wants to face the Bulls oddly enough. They’re gritty and they specialise in playing slow and setting up on defense… A.K.A playoff basketball. I think they’ll upset Brooklyn cause I hate the Nets. I don’t like they’re team at all, they just have names, but I don’t think they’re really a threat to anybody. I’d probably favor the Bucks against them if that was somehow a series.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Clippers, they don’t have a great half-court offensive set. I think CP3 can create for people but they only have two guys who can create their shot in Butler and Griffin. They’re not going to be able to get up and down as much in the playoffs, they seem too flashy for me to really have faith in them to win a series and go far in the playoffs. That’s just me though.

Ok, I think that’s it for me right now. I’m out of things to say. Oh, I wonder if Rose will come back if the Bulls get to the 2nd round and he sees they could have a chance against a team like the Knicks or Celtics. That would be interesting.

So long, please comment.


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