8 Things Learned From Games 3 & 4 of NBA Playoffs


1. To be honest, I think Boston just did themselves harm by winning the 4th game. Half the team is ready for retirement, by avoiding the inevitable they’re really just tiring themselves out. I bet KG and Paul on the outside want nothing more than to win, but they’re like 55, let them go to Cape Cod and fish for the rest of the summer. Poor Celtic fans – they actually think this win means anything. Oh, and Game 4 really showed Iman Shumpert at his best – something he hasn’t been since last season. To think him and his high-top fade could be in Phoenix right now.

stephen-curry-fans2. Steph Curry is continuing to paint masterpieces every game with his newest collection titled, “The Best Shooter Ever,” which is now showing in arenas in Denver and Golden State. I’m not sure if you’re all aware but last weekend a pot conference was held in Denver. Yeah… Make your own conclusions for the Nugget team but let me remind you their average age is 24 years old. Maybe that’s why they keep turning the ball over and not playing defense. I also think Golden State is officially America’s team at the moment. Is anyone feeling a Baron Davis type of nostalgia right about now?

Getty_S_042713_Nate Robinson

3. If every award for the season were to be given again based solely on post-season play, which sounds like something Jeff Van Gundy would agree with, then Nate Robinson would win the 6th man award right now. He put on one of the best playoff performances… Ever. 29 points in 4th quarter/OT play alone. Damn, it’s almost crazier than a 5’9 NBA player. Apparently, according to Reggie Rose who is really milking any air time he can get with Derrick out, says Rose will return in the 2nd round. Now that’s an intriguing bit of news ain’t it?

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Memphis Grizzlies

 4. I said it in the beginning, both teams are poor shooting teams and it would ultimately come down to the play of the big men down low. In Games 3 and 4, besides being at home, which gives a humongous advantage to the Grizzlies – Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph have scored a combined 91 points and grabbed 41 rebounds. The Clippers big men have scored a combined 39 points and grabbed 22 rebounds. While Mike Conley and Chris Paul have been cancelling each other out, there is no way the Clippers are going to win with Blake and DeAndre playing the way they are.


 5. Yeah so… The Pacers were embarrassed in Atlanta. Absolutely demoralized – only scoring 69 points. The Warriors score more than that in one half of basketball alone.

lakersspursgamer-4_3_r536_c534 6. The Lakers lost by 31 points at home in Game 3 with a starting backcourt of Andrew Goudelock and Darius Morris. You can’t expect to win with those guys starting especially because they haven’t got enough experience even if Goudelock is an MVP. The best part though for me? Those two played better than everybody on the Lakers squad. How funny is that? Dwight wants the team to himself but can’t play defense on Duncan, and let’s two D-League call-ups outplay him. Then in Game 4 Dwight bitched about being hacked by Brian Scalabrine’s cousin Matt Bonner and got ejected. Will that be the last time he walks out of the tunnel?

LeBron James, Larry Sanders, Monta Ellis

7. So they didn’t beat them in 6. Give Brandon a break. Oh wait, Jim Boylan gave him a break the entire second half of Game 4. My fault. Anyway, LeBron James could be the best point guard in the NBA. I also realized why the Heat are so hard to guard. Defensively, if you are guarding a shooter, you stay glued to them. If you are helping on LeBron James you help hard. So how the hell is anybody supposed to help hard on LeBron and stay glued to Ray Allen – they’re both the ultimate examples of both rules. Never mind just Ray Allen, what do you do about Battier, Miller and even Chalmers. Another thing I learned that I already knew, so something I was reminded of was how bad of a coach Jim Boylan is. They’re down 3-0 at home, in the 4th quarter, and he keeps Brandon Jennings on the bench. So what if he’s 1-7? He’s supposed to be your star player so he’s supposed to step up in the 4th quarter. They completely lost grip of the game in the 4th and where was he? On the bench the entire time. He played 22 minutes. Does Boylan not realize that Jennings may not come back next year, and that could’ve been his last game as a Buck? Does he not realize that he may have just rid Jennings of all thoughts of coming back to Milwaukee? What an idiot. Oh and I also realized how stupid it is that the Bucks traded for Redick on deadline day. The Bucks had a promising wing in Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb was a promising shooter and they traded them among others for Redick. Don’t get me wrong; Redick is a solid player who is one of the best shooters in the league. But what the hell did the front office think adding him was going to do for them? They know Ellis isn’t coming back and Jennings probably won’t either. The Bucks were in the 8th seed at the time and they expected what? Redick to push them to the 4th, 5th, or 6th seed? C’mon, and if then what was going to happen come playoff time. A first round exit, that’s what. And that’s what happened tonight. Now Tobias Harris is a future all-star and will haunt them forever. They essentially made a win-now type of trade as an 8th seed and now after getting swept Redick probably doesn’t want anything to do with Milwaukee after being treated like shit on the bench the entire series. Great job Bucks! Have fun rebuilding for the rest of eternity while the Magic get a lot better.

kevin-durant-dunk-on-omer-asik 8. Kevin Durant has been held back by Russell Westbrook for the past few years. But not in a bad way, if you can come to understand that. Every Batman needs his Robin otherwise they can’t fight off villains like Lord James and his minions in South Beach. However, Batman on his own takes on more work and therefore, produces more and racks up more ass-kicking numbers than usual. That’s what’s happening without Westbrook. Immediately, the 18.8 shots that Westbrook takes per game are Durant’s. It was evident that Durant has a new sense of freedom on the court now. His 41 in Houston really showed that to be true. I honestly think he could average 40 points a game for the rest of the playoffs this year. It’s completely do-able. I also realized the Thunder better pray the Grizzlies beat the Clippers in the 1st round. The Thunder have a better chance at the Grizzlies simply because they have the interior defenders to guard Gasol and Randolph. A trio of Ibaka, Collison and Perkins can handle them down low and will probably limit their production. Without those guys getting numbers, the Grizzlies are nothing. If the Thunder play the Clippers on the other hand, they have to deal with Blake down low, CP3 on the perimeter and the deep bench of Los Angeles to battle against. The Thunder aren’t deep, especially now since Jackson is starting. With the Clippers you have to think about stopping several things, as they’re a more diverse and explosive squad. With the Grizzlies there is a clear road to victory and that road is a walk on the beach for OKC as they can probably handle them with ease. Against OKC, the big man duo of Memphis averages a combined 28 and 25. That’s a stat that should put smiles upon Thunder fans faces if they were to get them next round.

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