6 Things Learned After Game 5 of NBA Playoffs

And we’re right back at it. So far San Antonio and Miami have walked on into the 2nd round. What a coincidence that they are probably the favorites to get to the finals. Game 5 everywhere is over and here’s what I’ve taken away from those games.


1. The Knicks wore funeral black to their game, but ended up losing. Can anyone spell embarresing?  J.R went 3-14… But let’s not blame him guys. I mean he was still probably hungover from the night before.  Spike Lee had to be taken off the court in a stretcher due to a heart attack.  And above all else New York went from a 3-0 savior for New Yorkers to the team with the highest chance to lose a 3-0 lead and get kicked out of the 1st round. They’d also be the first team to EVER let a team comeback from that deficit and win the series. Like I said during my preview for this series, Boston has that trait about them that keeps opposing fans uneasy. It’s that ability to slide under the radar and hit those annoying shots when they need to. The only bright spot for New York, who continues to get brighter and brighter with each game is Iman Shumpert. He really is one of the best defenders around.


2. Nobody watches the Pacers-Hawks series anyway. Tony Parker admitted it as well. But it seems like both teams can’t win on the road. So Pacers in 7.


3. Word has it Skip Bayless is hiding in the outskirts of Arizona in a cave to try and avoid the criticism he’s getting over comments made previously that Russell Westbrook is bad for the Thunder. They’re 0-2 without him buddy. KD is putting up Lebron numbers but he needs his wingman to beat the beard. Meanwhile, Harden and the Rockets are getting closer and closer to winning a series based solely on offense. Somewhere in Hollywood, Mike D’Antoni’s eyes just lit up.


4. The big men aren’t doing zip for the Clippers right now and now they have to try force a game 7 in Memphis. Blake hurt his ankle too… WAIT! Maybe his Optima with UVO voice activated control can take him back in time and un-twist his ankle. Genius!


5. The Mannimal wasn’t enough to injure Steph Curry, so I’m thinking they’ll just get Javale McGee to trip over him next game and see if that does the trick. Nonetheless, Denver won’t win in Golden State tonight, which I’ve dubbed the Bee’s nest cause of all the yellow in the stands. Anyway, it’ll be another 1st round exit for Denver and George Karl. You have to think maybe the no-star thing just doesn’t work come playoff time. How hilarious yet slightly unsurprising would it be if George Karl were to get fired? Not funny at all. It’d be Mike Brown 2.0. Let’s hope the Nuggets can run it out and force a game 7.


6. The Nets will live to see another day after a poor defensive game from Chicago and a stellar offensive night from the Nets. I can’t tell which it was. Either way, the Mad House on Madison is going to be rabid tonight. It’s these big nights at home that Chicago doesn’t seem to lose. Derrick Rose is apparently 89.7% ready mentally so Bulls fans, he’s only 13.3% away from returning in 10 years. Keep your chin up Chicago, he’ll have to play against LeBron next round if he doesn’t want death threats.

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