About Me

I am a 16 year old NBA fanatic. I’ve been writing on here since 2011. Basketball runs through my veins, hence the name of the blog. This blog will cover all basketball topics from around the league. If anyone has any suggestions for the blog then comment and I will cover it gladly.

I’m a religious Knicks fan, but am convinced that they probably won’t win a championship before I die, so rooting for them is kind of lost cause at this point.

If you have any feedback on any of the stuff I write, please comment and let me know. I’d hate to pollute the world with boring, or bad columns. Subscribe! Yeah, definitely subscribe and enjoy what the blog has to offer.

28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Max, you’ve got a great blog here. I’ll subscribe and I’ll put you on the “Other Blogs I like” page on my blog. I love the blog, definitely glad I found it. I see you started up this blog only a few weeks ago, I’m fairly new myself at this, I started up my blog in December. I will definitely comment often and I hope you don’t mind if I give a few suggestions for material in the future.

    • Thanks a lot. It’d be great if you could check out my blog regularly. It’s quite hard to start up a new blog, but it’s awesome to have a regular reader. I’ll definitely check out your blog as well. Feel free to give suggestions whenever you want.
      – Max

  2. Hi Max like u i am an nba fanatic at age12. I am obsessed with nba and basketball is my hobby I can talk circles around grown men who work for nba teams glad to meet someone like me I am a die hard Florida basketball fan Heat,Gators,Magic

  3. hey man i think u should also cover ncaa ball sometimes their stories are more exciting with suspensions and everything

  4. Hey Max,

    I saw your comment on http://www.nba.com. Like yourself, I am obsessed with the NBA. I’m 14. Your work is great so far, I think you’re very well spoken for such a young age. Just a suggestion, try to watch for grammatical errors and clichés, as they may devalue your writing. If you need any help writing any pieces or need a contributor to the blog, I’d be very interested. If not, then you still just got yourself a regular reader.


  5. Hey max, I love your web,I’m obsessed with the NBA too and most of my close friends are also ,I’m a huge Celtics Fan,All I do on the Internet is go on NBA stuff, Draft Mocks,Rumors, and more. I also have a great passion for basketball and I have lots of skill and I am currently 12 years old and i’m hoping to be a basketball player one day. I have a suggestion: Can you post articles about trade rumors, Thanks.

    • Thanks for the complement about liking the blog. I’m glad there are other kids with passions about basketball, im the only One among my Friends. Ill Try a post about trade rumors.

  6. Hi Max,

    I’m Dony, and am probably way too old compared with some fans of your blogs. It’s a good blog anyway.

    Well, wish I hv time to run a blog like yours, as I hv a hell of job working for korean giant electronics company, n hv 2 cute girls to take care 🙂

    I was there witnessing hakeem’s rox won back to back nba championship back in d 90’s. I was there in a small cafe @ westheimer street where rox was on on d brink of elimination by d suns. While most fans left the bar already, I stayed and believed that rox would go through. Which they did.

    I know I know they’re sucks right now, but what makes me even more like the organization is cos I think morey is one hell of a gm, at least from the way he built his supporting back office team, stats geeks. Once I read bout the article, Basketball Metrics, and I think that article is really inspiring, n how todays sports are managed not only by group of ex athletes, but also game statisticians.

    Few times I had a geek being a tv commentator for nba games aired live in Jakarta Indonesia.
    So…keep writing good articles k…if it’s bout rox, it’ll be great hehe


  7. Hi,

    Great blog you have going here. I am adding you to the “Other Great Blogs” page on my blog, Sam’s Sports Brief. It is at sambrief.com. I would appreciate it if you could check it out.

    I love your blog and Keep up the good work!


  8. Hey Max, would you be interested in a Bloggers League basketball league? It’s a league on ESPN.com that is for only bloggers. I’ve done it for football now and it was a success so if you’re interested for basketball please let me know. Thanks. Also, do you think we should have a LM (League Manager) league and if so, who should be League Manager? Clark from basketballonmymind.wordpress.com wants to be LM so if you’re in favor of that or if you want to be LM let me know via email (My email is thenewsofsports@gmail.com). I’m debating this myself, please let me know your opinions. Thanks so much. If you want to know more details, you can email me or comment on my blog.

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  10. Hey Max – you don’t need to publish this. I don’t have an email address for you, so can you email me at my school address? I have an article I want to send to you. -Mr. B

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