Problems in Knick World

If anybody thought the Knicks were going to instantly be a better team, they were wrong. They lost a big lead to Boston and only won because of lucky shots made by Melo. Tonight’s game against Golden State is atrocious. Winning by 8 points in the first half, then losing by 15 in the second. It’s all due to the lack of defense for 48 minutes. A common story in Knick world. Then there is their awful offense. I can’t believe I’d be saying this about a Mike D’antoni team but they can’t do a thing on the offensive end. When Amar’e and Melo aren’t scoring, like tonight, the Knicks have absolutely nothing. They have no flow, they have no playmakers with the ball. They have no passers and they look stagnant. They aren’t going to achieve any of the high expectations or goals set for themselves if they continue to play like this. Their offense cannot revolve solely around two players. They will get you 20 or so but then what? You’re stuck with Bibby shooting an old jump shot, and Bill Walker and Toney Douglas throwing up poor threes.

I realize these two games are just two out of a 66 game season. However, this game really shows the Knicks’ true colors. When their stars aren’t producing then this team is nothing. In a compressed season, they can’t count on two players to score for the whole team, or one player to defend for the whole team. They desperately need Iman Shumpert back, they need Baron Davis to distribute and they need an overall change of attitude. And culture. Ring a bell?


Where Will CP3 End Up?

It seems like CP3 is the one superstar that won’t have control over his new destination.

The New Orleans Hornets owners are the NBA. Throughout, the collective bargaining discussions the owners were pushing for a league where superstars couldn’t hop up and meet friends and create a super team. For example, Miami Heat and New York Knicks. So it makes sense that they would prevent a trade that could put the best shooting guard and best point guard in the NBA on the same team. CP3 has no leverage on his team, his request means nothing when the owners can deny everything.

With that said, all dreams of CP3, Melo and Amar’e playing together have been shut down when the Knicks added Tyson Chandler. And dreams of playing with another superstar seems impossible when the owners main goal is to give every team an equal chance at a championship. So where do we go from here? Well, the relationship right now between Chris Paul and the Hornets can be described as awkward, tense, or any other word that relates. The Hornets are aware that Paul wants out, and they know he will leave come summer time. They are going to try and trade him away. Yesterday, the NBA vetoed the proposed trade that would’ve sent Goran Dragic, Kevin Martin, and Luis Scola to New Orleans from Houston. Lamar Odom to New Orleans and Pau Gasol to the Rockets. The Lakers would also receive a 1st round pick from the Knicks via the Rockets. And the man in the middle of all of this Chris Paul to the Lakers.

The owners in some ways had been quite manipulative when this trade was being put together. The Hornets kept the owners involved throughout the whole process. Everything got the ok, which it was why it was a huge surprise to the Hornets and everybody involved when this trade was vetoed. Everyone is stunned.

Where do we go from here? Well, according to,  A source directly involved in the negotiations told TNT’s David Aldridge Friday that progress had been made in a potential trade of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the trade was not expected to be completed Friday and could have several more incarnations before being completed, if it is completed at all. Through my eyes, this trade will go through. If the owners are worried about small market teams losing their stars, then they are making the wrong decision. I can see no other trade that would benefit the Hornets more. They would receive the reigning 6th man of the year and Pau Gasol the man who turned a 42-40 Lakers team in 2007 to a two time NBA championship winner in the past 4 years. For the Hornets as an organisation, who will most likely lose David West to the Celtics, desperately need big men to fill the middle. This trade will benefit them for the future, and they could easily be the best team to lose a superstar.

We’ll just have to see now if the owners will budge, and let CP3 go to Hollywood?

Chandler and The Knicks

Report:  According to Tyson Chandler confirmed he will sign a 4 year 58 million dollar deal. “It just really happened over the last, like, 48 hours,” Chandler said. “I just think the future of the team, being able to play alongside Amare Stoudemireme Carmelo Anthony and the young talent that we have, I feel like puts us in contention over the next four or five years.” They will have to release Billups for cap reasons. The Knicks have the player they were looking for but are now financially limited for a long time. They are now limited from the 2012 Free Agency Summer Frenzy. Was getting Chandler for this price a smart move? What do you think?

It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.


* Brought toughness to “soft” team in Dallas

* Brought size, and presence to the paint

* Was the X-Factor in Dallas’ win

* Influenced whole team to shift focus to defense

Now let’s think about the Knicks’ weaknesses…

* No real big man

* Sloppy on defense

* Nobody guarding the paint

* A generally “soft” team

* Inconsistent rebounding ability

Honestly, we have the perfect couple. It also seems like New York is Chandler’s number one destination. According to an source, “New York is Tyson’s first choice.” It was also mentioned that, ” It’s 98 percent sure that Tyson is going to wind up with the Knicks.”

Up until now, the Golden State Warriors seemed like the favorite for Chandler, but finally the Knicks came to their senses and starting thinking practically. They have been lacking a true center since Patrick Ewing left the garden. CP3 was their main priority but it seems like they don’t have the assets to trade for him, and the Hornets are more then likely to get the most value out of Paul before it’s too late. They also might be making amends for the rushed Melo acquisition last season. They are aware that Paul wants a bite out of the big apple, and they are aware that he won’t sign an extension for any teams except the Lakers if they were to get him. Sources are also reporting that there is an Amar’e for Paul trade being mentioned. Don’t do it. This relates directly to that saying. If it was meant to be it will happen. Well if Paul and New York are destined for each other, then trading your star player for someone who will come in the summer seems pointless.

The only downside to this whole idea is that the Knicks will most likely lose Mr Clutch A.K.A Chauncey Billups in the process. There would also be a hole at the point guard position, however Toney Douglas showed true potential last season and could fill the spot if given the chance. As well as Ronny Turiaf who can be replaced more easily.  They could use the amnesty clause on Chauncey Billups and trade Ronny Turiaf. However, there is another option that seems more lucrative for the future. They could involve Billups and Turiaf in a sign and trade with Dallas which could bring over Tyson Chandler as well as free up space for the summer of 2012 when CP3 will be a free agent, considering he doesn’t sign an extension with whatever team he ends up on.

Wait it gets even better. It is reported that Chris Paul badly wants to reunite with Tyson Chandler, whom he played with in New Orleans. So with Tyson Chandler, you could guarentee short term success and long term success if CP3 really wants New York and Chandler he will come next summer.

Here We Go Again

The NBA is on it’s way, which means the trade rumours have already arrived. The curtain has dropped. The spotlight is on. The show has began. And with the show comes the drama.

Dallas Ditching Chandler?

On the first day that free agent contracts could be discussed, Tyson Chandler took away one thing from the day. He was getting traded. “I really think I’m going to be on a new team come training camp,” Chandler told on Wednesday. He believes Dallas won’t offer him the long term extension that he deserves. And he does deserve it. For three years in a row the Dallas Mavericks were 1st round dropouts. Disappointments to their city and to the NBA. But when Tyson Chandler came to town he changed the whole team. He brought height, he brought hustle and most of all motivated the team to play defense. It’s no coincidence that last year the Dallas Mavericks were 7th in points allowed per 100 posessions in 2010-2011 and were 12th, 15th and 17th the three years before that. He provided them with an inside presence in the finals and deserves a contract. His biggest worry is that Dallas may sign Nene over him. Nene and him are the two most coveted free agents this year.

Nene Fever:

The big man on the free agent campus this year is Nene. Teams from all over the league have shown interest in him. Dallas, Golden State, New Jersey, Denver, Houston, Indiana, Los Angeles (Clippers) and Portland were all teams who made contact with Nene’s agent on Wednesday. A perfect fit for Nene would be teams lacking an inside presence. Teams like Golden State, Denver and Houston. The Nets have shown interest in Nene due to Deron Williams’ statements that he would be far less inclined to re-sign a long-term deal with the Nets if they don’t immediately improve their roster.

Ron Artest…. I mean Metta World Peace:

It has been reported that the Los Angeles Lakers may waive Ron Artest….. I mean Metta World Peace’s over-priced contract. Although, the small forward is one of the best defenders in the league and filling the void later with other players is very difficult considering the type of defender he is. On the offensive side, he is in decline. Last season he averaged 8.5 points and it’s clear that his age may be taking a toll on his body and his speed. He doesn’t have the strength he once had (and I might regret this) but he’s become a  liability on offense. Letting go of his 3 year 21.5 million dollar contract would be a relief, causing the Lakers to save up to 27 million dollars in taxes and salary through 2013-2014.

Hollywood Wants Superman:

A minute doesn’t go by when we don’t wonder how many championships Shaq and Kobe could’ve won together had their problems not gotten in the way. Finally, years later Superman may be coming back to Hollywood. Not the one who has the superman logo on his bed. The one who wore the cape during his slam dunk performance. Jim Buss has said that he would trade Andrew Bynum “for the right deal.” The right deal or the deal that involves Dwight Howard? But Andrew Bynum may not be what the Magic are looking for in a replacement for Dwight and rumour has it that Andrew Bogut would be a better fit for them. I disagree but a three team deal has been circling, sending Dwight to the Lakers, Bogut to the Magic and Bynum to the Bucks. The Clippers also seem willing to do whatever it takes for Dwight. The Clippers have tons of young depth with players like Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan and Al-Farouq Aminu and can provide more assets in a trade with the Magic. Although, Dwight and Kobe together may look like a championship on paper. In reality they wouldn’t gel. Dwight loves the ball down in the post, he takes it in all day. And why wouldn’t you when you’re the most dominant player in the NBA. Then there is Kobe, who loves the ball on the perimeter and taking it to the hole. They are both types of players who demand the spotlight and I can’t see it working out.

Blazers and Brandon Roy:

A source had said that the TrailBlazers had waived Roy but team president Larry Miller firmly stated that, ”We have not, and regardless of what’s been said by John Canzano and others out there, (made a) decision on amnesty as of yet,” On January 17th of last season Brandon Roy underwent arthroscopic surgery on both knees. He returned to the lineup on February 25th and scored 18 points off the bench. The rest of the season was a quiet one for Roy, he came off the bench for the whole season and averaged 12.5 points as supposed to his career average of 19 points a game. His future looked grim, until the playoffs came around and  Portland needed someone to step up. Brandon Roy came off the bench in Game 3 against the Mavericks and scored 16 points in 23 minutes. Larry Miller added, ”With everything that Brandon has done for this organization, there’s no way we would make a decision like that without having conversation with him, without evaluating where he is.” I wouldn’t give up on Roy yet, his knees may let him down at times but he showed that in big situations he can shine. He knows how to win and he is a valuable piece on any team.

Celtics Discussing Rondo Trades:

Just to be clear, the Celtics don’t want to get rid of Rondo. He is the future of their organisation and will be their saviour once Pierce, Allen and Garnett are gone. However, the Celtics are exploring options in exchange for Rondo. Danny Ainge said, “I don’t make any comments on trade rumors. I’m just not commenting on any of it. Everybody knows how valuable Rondo is to our team. I’ll talk to Rondo, but I don’t want to talk about it publicly.” I sense insecurity in the Celtics front office. They realise that their Big Three aren’t big news anymore, they are getting older and soon they won’t be able to compete with the up and coming talent in the league. Additionally, they realise Rondo isn’t the best Point Guard out there and it makes sense for them to get better. Rumours have circulated that a Rondo for Paul deal may be developing, although they are very vague rumours.

Grizz and Gasol:

After last years semi-breakout season for Marc Gasol teams are showing more interest in him now that he’s a free agent. He provided Memphis with defense, hustle and a quick inside presence that Tim Duncan and the 1st place Spurs couldn’t handle. The Grizzlies organization have shown interest in keeping him. “Obviously, we want to sit down and try to make a deal with Marc,” Heisley said. “I’m committed to keeping him.” Gasol has made it clear that he would like to return to Memphis this season. However, they may not have enough money to satisfy Gasol after agreeing to contract extensions with Zach Randolph, Rudy Gay and Mike Conley. All we know now is that the Grizzlies want Gasol and Gasol wants the Grizzlies. Personally, I would love to see last year’s team come back stronger this year and make it back to the playoffs. Every time they stepped onto the floor, the game was bound to be exciting. They were the most energetic team in the NBA and it was a joy to watch them burst through the playoffs and surprise everybody.